Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I've got a secret!

And the secret is.... drum roll..... feelings don't have to dictate your life! Now, mine do, but yours don't! Hahahahahaha! Case in point: After getting my brows (ok, and face) tweezed at the pro shop, then working a bit, then returning home to a big, fat mess (I should find me a new maid!), I was really doubting that I would hop-to and whip this place in order. However, I prayed and then just moved one step at a time, one room at a time. Prayer worked! God answered! Not only is the home fire kindling softly its welcome, but while ironing a two-week pile, I memorized a verse in Daniel. Now, don't ask me which one, cuz i memorized the words only. Wanna hear it from memory??? (And I'm not cheating cuz my Bible is still by the ironing board.) Here goes - "Let the name of God be praised forever and ever. Because all wisdom and power belong to HIm." Quick, go look in the first chapter of Daniel and see if I'm right! :) Anyhoo, my computer room is still waiting for its turn, but I just had to say 'hi' first. Back to work! P.S. Holidays are nice but they sure do throw a routine around!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sewing Saturday

Busy sewing today. But now I need a nap (my mantra these days). Perhaps a quick snooze, then back to sewing!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Slow-Go Monday

Hi there! Even though the list of to-do's are longer than the paper (thankful am I for the back sides), here I sit, avoiding all of it. How can this be??? I did take Mika for a very frustrating walk. Clearly, she thinks she is Boss. I about whipped her neck off as I pulled her around this one time, and after that, she bowed to me, the Queen. She's such a sweet and loving dog, but oh.....

Mike and I have begun to plan our 27th anniversary trip to the coast in September. The dates aren't certain, but we will be gone for at least 3 nights, maybe more. When Mike first mentioned a trip, I was in shock, to say the least. Gosh, I thought, he's gotten so romantic. Then, as we got some plans on paper, it all became clear that he was in love with fishing! One full day of our trip will be so he can fish. In fact, all other plans are working around that one trip. I am beginning to see the light, and it's shining over a boat, not me. Drats!

Let's see.... what else? I've been quilting some, and that's been fun. In fact, that's what I'd like to do right now. However.... that list of chores is still waiting. Ta ta!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jill Brisco Conference

This conference was awesome! I've heard Jill speak twice before - delightful both times - but this was totally heart-changing. It was very obvious that it had been covered in prayer, and the Spirit was doing His sweet convicting and encouraging through Jill, Anne Barbour, our worship leader, and the many who served us. If you've never heard of NEWIM, it was through this avenue of Jill's, trying to encourage those in ministry. And to think, I almost changed my mind and didn't go!

Friday, June 16, 2006

A fun day!

Ooops! lol Can you see what my mind is like these days? It's gotten so scary that I've begun doing all the little freebie games in the daily newspaper, in hopes that my mind will get flexed again. I am really depending on the Lord for sanity!!! See, He keeps us close to Him, one way or the other!

Noah moved back, did I tell you that? Well, it's been just dandy!!! Already, he has taken me to the movies - at night, normally my bedtime, and I actually kept awake the whole time! lol Then yesterday, mike, me, noah, kyle, all went to Stockdale and played golf. Now, those silly young bucks were just pos they could 'take' mike and I, so they bet us pizza at Plumberries. Well, Mike kept saying all night long how his back hurt from 'carrying' me during the golf game ( I golfed the worst ever). However, Mike played pretty darn good and we won!! Yep, those boys had to cough up the dough for the pizza dough. It was great! We actually ate AT THE RESTAURANT and OUTSIDE, my fav!!! See, it is a good thing Noah moved back, cuz he's getting mike and I out. Hooooray!!

Having to hang a billion garage sale signs today for theresa's Oaks neighborhood fling, I decided to ride my bike, and since amers got her a darling new bike, she came along....good thing, too, cuz i got too much sun and was not in good shape, till we pit stopped at jamba juice and the infused b vits hit my veins, then all cylinders were running again. It's fun to have a daughter!

Anyhoo, as you can imagine on this hot day, after being the sun for hours on end, floating int he pool with a mag felt mighty fine. yep, mighty fine. Oh!! I almost forgot to tell you - guess what I picked from our garden today??? Our very first crooked neck squash and zuchhinis. Now, hurry up tomatoes!!

Write me! xo

A fun day!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

In the Good Ol' Summertime!!!!!

Let the fun begin!!!! It's summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime!!!

What sealed the deal for me, and changed my mindset from spring to summer were two things: 1> Shannon and I spent a whirlwind day at the coast yesterday. Zoom, zoom, zooom in fun! and 2> I cleaned out the pool and patios and pruned and raked and washed down the deck. Oh, and had bought two brand new noodles and two floating lounge chairs.

Now can you see why it's the good ol' summertime?? :) We are bbqing burgers tonight and playing cards with my sis, and maybe....jumping in the pool! Oh what fun!

But, before the fun, I must clean the house. During the week, i pretty much have a routine of upkeep with the house, wanting mike to come home to a welcoming peaceful haven. but then, on the weekends...well, it's party mode my mind slips into and the house goes to pot - when he's here all day. go figure. so, am cleaning it right now and then he can wallow in wonderful enjoyment. me, too. :) have a fun day, and get your flip flops on - it's summertime!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mom to the Rescue!

We have a beautiful Chineese Elm tree in our front yard. The other day, Mike pointed out the robin sitting in her nest. Good thing he did, too, because Tippers, kitty-o-mine, was inching her way up the tree just a bit ago. Before I could get out there and call her down, that mommy robin was out there dive-bombing that threat! It reminded me of how protective moms are, always coming to the rescue of their kids. That's all. Just thought I'd share that little story with you. Tippers is now sleeping on my bed, and Ms. Robin is singing from her nest, though I bet her heart is still racing!

Mom to the Rescue!

We have a beautiful Chineese Elm tree in our front yard. The other day, Mike pointed out the robin sitting in her nest. Good thing he did, too, because Tippers, kitty-o-mine, was inching her way up the tree just a bit ago. Before I could get out there and call her down, that mommy robin was out there dive-bombing that threat! It reminded me of how protective moms are, always coming to the rescue of their kids. That's all. Just thought I'd share that little story with you. Tippers is now sleeping on my bed, and Ms. Robin is singing from her nest, though I bet her heart is still racing!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

There is Hope!

Something momumental just hit me this morning - God helps our weaknesses!!! I had been spending so much time on the computer, goofing off, basically, and had been neglecting (to ignore or disregard -check; to fail to attend to properly - check; to leave undone - gulp, check; lack of proper care - yep, check) my ministry/job at home. After reading Webster's this morning, I really can see why I had begun to call on the name of Jesus for help with this issue.

There were several ways the Lord gave help, most of them through varying situations, but the most obvious was writing this Bible study. There's just no way in the world to concentrate on this study and goof off on the computer at the same time! And, there's no way I could concentrate on this study with this house in unpeaceful dissaray.

So, with the Lord's prompting, I spend all of Monday, from early morning till late at night, getting this house in working order. What peace, I'm telling you! The fun part is that now it only takes a short amount of time first thing in the morn to whip this place in shape, and then.... my brain has been free to write. Had I not felt prompted to write this study, I'd still feel as useless as ever, wasting time at the computer. See how clever the Lord was to help me in my weakness!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Favorite Day of the Week

Did you know that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week? Well, now you know. Monday's hump is over, Tuesday's day is work is done, and Wednesday is free. After that, Thursday rolls around and then - thank God, it's Friday - party day!!

The house is quiet and I am going to spend this day with Jesus, listening to His Spirit for words and directions for the last two chapters of Enduring Love. I'm getting excited to see what the Lord will do with it this summer.

The Riverlakes flyer, announcing the summer studies, came in yesterday's mail, and hoooooray - got my first sign up! There are three studies on marriage, and I found it interestng that they all seem to complement one another, none the same. Neat! Something for everyone!!

Oh, did I tell you that we are officially a couple again? Yep, Amy moved into a great-paying live-in situation, helping a commuting mom keep an eye on her two teens. It's just Mike and I now, with our furry and sweet 'grandchild.' Wierd, but good, too. Life changes and doesn't miss a beat. Have a fun Wednesday! (Oh, send me a card or a letter, would you? My mailbox needs some fun!! lol)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I've Missed YOU!!!

I don't care what anyone says - time DOES fly! Pigs don't, but time does! Have you given up on checking this blog? Who can blame you! It's been weeks since I've written, but I do have a very good reason --- I've been working on this summer's five-week Bible study. Here's the title...
Enduring Love Persistently Loving Till Death do You Part
Just yesterday, the Lord confirmed that title, and now my fingers are clicking away at the keyboard. I am getting so excited! My prayers are being kept in my journal for this study, because I want to be able to look back and exclaim over our God when faith becomes sight, by the end of the summer. Hurrah, I say... and will say then.
For those of you waiting for May's Encourager, well, you might receive a copy of the study, instead. I'm just one woman! LOL
Be sure to leave your windows down when driving, so that you can breathe in spring! We'll praise God together, over this delight!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fast Food Frenzy Forsaken lol

I don't know how it is with thin folks, but for me, when I am hungry.... I am hungry NOW! Clicking furiously on the keyboard, there was no time to stop for lunch today. This editor had a printing deadline for my sister's newsletter. So, by the time I left work at 5pm, my stomach was sending me a stream of instant message!

From sheer pride, I will not share the mulitude of places I considered pulling in and winding my way through the drive-thru. However, I will tell you that I DID NOT consider JBX's chicken brushetta for more than a nanosecond. Wanna know why? Ok, I'll tell you - it has 50 grams of fat, according to somethign that said so on the net. Isnt' that shocking? I found that out one day AFTER I ate one. Cholestrol, ldl, and mayo...oh my!

But don't panic; I have my healthy salad and chicken right next to me as I write. God is powerful, even when I'm not. Pray for me, though! I need addiction-to-food healing, and I mean it!

Friday, April 21, 2006


It's a new beginning! Me, getting up early, that is - yawn. I can hardly stand it! Of course, I only have to do it on Fridays, but here's the reason for this too-early madness: I'm switching my office hours to the wee morn hours, because our little square is getting crowded with too many of us in there at one time. But that's not the only reason I've beat the sun up, today....

See, yesterday I wrote an article for the homeschooling newspaper. Guess what it was on?- Procrastination! It's the blind leading the blind, for sure, but I did pray and felt the Lord gave me some great ideas. So much so, that I started living them right after the article was sent off! yay

With Susan and Amy confirming I live in stress these days, I knew that my procrastining ways were heaping stress upon stress upon stress, among other debilitating things. So, enough, I say! I'm up early to attack my small to-do list, before I traipse off to work. yay for a new way of living!! I love new beginnings - and it's not even jan 1st!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Such Joy!

Such joy is ours when we are hearing the Lord speak to us! Yahoo, I say! In case I forgot to tell you, Riverlakes called a coupla weeks ago and asked me to do a summer study. After much prayer, I felt led to not only do one, but -eek- to write the study! Now that takes praying upon praying....and lots of sitting still and listening. Not an easy task for this ADD heart! Yet, with God nothing is impossible!

And this morning that truth was proved yet again, as I sat on my bed waiting on the Lord for the first chapter. His faithfulness faileth noteth! :) I have five pages of notes that I am now going to turn into five days of lessons for chapter uno. I'm so excited and such joy has filled me.

Off to write!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Quiet on the Home Front

Ahhhhhh.... peace and quiet. I like when those two are dating. There is a quiet that has no peace, but today I have the pleasure of both. I'm very thankful. This day is reserved for spending time in prayer and listening, so that I can get the summer study written. Can't wait to see what the outcome will be!!!! :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!

Hoooray! it's Easter!!! Jesus did not stay in that grave but rose up with salvation for all who would believe! And believe I did! Have you? Do!

This cloudy morning, I drove to Starbucks (of course they'd be open!) and got a fun coffee, so that when I pulled in front of the little Bakersfield lakefront, I could read my Bible with my usual java. He leads me besides still waters.... before me, looking out at the gentle wind-rippled water, and then in my heart.

It's a day to celebrate! God so loved the world that He did send His only begotten Son to die on the cross, and with it, put to death the penalty of sin we so deserved. Aren't you glad? Me, too! We'll rejoice together all day long! Thank YOu, Jesus!!! Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Homebody Gone Bad.

Normally, I prefer home sweet home to just about any other place on the planet. However, here it is almost 8pm, and i just got home 20 minutes ago! Whew! a long and fun day (two in a row, go figure!) Do you want to know what I did, hmmmm??? Okay, I will keep you in suspense not one second longer --- I ran errands (ooo fun lol), worked, then got to meet Susan and Casie for lunch. yep, Casie is back in town and it was very fun yakking with her again! But that's not all I did... Oh, no! I went and bought another scooter - another brand new one, and I hope this one lasts. lol I pray big time for safety, as you might imagine. anyhoo, to me, this one looks like a motorcycle. when i said that to noah, (who sweetly went with me and brought it home for me), he laughed and laughed. :) It's got him craving one, though. then, back to work, walked with karen and randy and brandon. I got to push the stroller and having brandon laugh and be jolly with me was great auntie fun! So, another nice, long day, and I am home sweet home and needing a bath and a book...and pjs. So, sweet dreams, ya'll!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Summertime, Summertime....

Okay, it's not really summer yet, but it is sneaking in! Shan and I were supposed to play today, but by the time she got my message, I was already pedaling along Old River Road, enjoying every roll along that 10-mile trek. I'm surprised at myself, really, because I could've wasted the day pouting for messed up plans. But ya know, I was already in party mode, so why waste it? Bike riding is enjoyable and slows down the hurried pace of life, and that's what happened while I sat upon that bicycle built for one - I took time to sniff the fragrant blooms, sang praises, prayed, got a bit sunkissed, and well, it sure felt like summer!

And then, Lyn and I got to put the beautious touches on the surprises she is giving out in Bible study. We were going to do it tomorrow, but this worked out just perfect. Such yummy fun and fellowship! Hooray for good, honest friends! (She sure does call it like it is, which saves my fanny from getting singed from sin!)

Then, after that, like a glutton for punishment, I called Karen to walk. We took Jayme and her darling Brandon, and then my darling Amy and Mika. Now, Jayme is young and hyper. She challenged me to run, walk, run, walk - for two whole miles! Imagine what I must've looked like barreling and bouncing and jiggling down the roads. Well, nix that. It's just not a pretty sight, but it felt marvelous!!!!!! I honestly didn't know my body would still jog! Surprise! In fact, lots of surprises today, a new one around every corner! We plan our steps, but they often get washed away in the ocean's flow, leaving new ones.... like riding a bike in the summerish sunshine! Thank YOU, Jesus! xo

Monday, April 10, 2006

So Glad!

Okay, now I'm really glad that I pushed past my lack-o-motivation! Here's why: "Poor is he who works with negligent hand, but the hand of the diligent makes rich." OOOOOh, I do not want to be poor, but rich! (Proverbs 10:4.)

How happy I am to have not used a slack hand today, or been remiss or careless in my work. Some days I am. What happens then is that everything seems to get slack. I'm destitute of joy on those days, and the rich, full peace of God's that I have in ample supply when I work diligently, is void. I want to be rich in those things of God, don't you?

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..." Ecclesiastes 9:10

I Must Be Part Ocean

Wanna know why? Because my mood ebb and flows along with the changing weather! Like right now... I should finish cleaning this totally messy place I call home, but the sun and my motivation both disappeared at the same time. Yep, all that water in me is sloshing around in laziness, right this very minute!

Anyhoo, I learned a lot about discouragement today and will pass it along in the Encourager, probably in May's issue, which will be soon, since April is already half over!

Okay, motivation or not, vacuum, here I come!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Heat is ON!

Wasn't today gorgeous? Thankfulness to the Lord has been pouring from my lips all day, because that Easter egg hunt was bathed in sweet sunshine! Yay - rain did not reign! I had to set that thing up all by myself today, since no one else showed up (well, Theresa did in time for the start, and Tim the Bunny showed up half asleep and not willing to do the job right....). So, I got plenty of exercise as i carried four bags of 1,500 stuffed eggs around that huge Pin Oak Park! All that bending down to reclose opened eggs made me have one sore bootie! But, the day was perfect, the hunt was the best one ever, and it's over! Yay, oh, yay!!!

I was soo tired from all this Easter hunt madness, that I came home and napped till 4!! Thinking I was done in for the day, I slipped into pj's. But you know what? Who could waste God's provision? - Mika and I went for our two-miler tug-o-war. Another thing to be thankful for - a huge dog that needs exercise! I've walked more since I've had her than I have in five years. Maybe I won't be so huge in a few months!

Anyhoo, Easter vacation has officially been proclaimed and frolicking is in the air; a celebration of the death and resurection of Jesus, for us, yahoo!! And that's what I'm most thankful for!! :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Yay, the Sun is Up!!

The sooner the sun dries out my soppy backyard grass, the better! Every time I walk out to paint the pool house (hut?), my feet just squish, squish, squish across the grass, and it makes a mess. Hurry up summer heat!!

Being out there by the pool has me very excited for summer swimming. Nothing tones better! And it's fun, to boot! Wanna come swim and loll by the pool with me?

Amy just told me this morning that she is moving out in May. All of a sudden, I will have two rooms to clean and use.... My little darling is moving across town to Carolyn's. Carolyn has two teens, and while she works out of town wishes for someone to be around. That someone will be my Amers. Room and board, a gas card, and $100 per week were a beautiful lure, and Amy bit! (But she still gets to come home and mom-sit when Mike's outta town. Good daughter!! lol)

So, the seasonal weather is not all that's changing!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Call Me The Scarecrow From Oz

....because I need a brain!!!! Below, I meant NOAH, not Abraham!! hahhahahahaha, thanks, Emily, for pointing that out. I was really just testing you guys. hahahahahahaa

Raining and Hailing and Thunder, Oh My!

Mika and I sat on the front porch bench and watched it pour. Of course, I thought of many things...like, wondering what is was like for the folks of Noah's day to see rain for the first time. And how yukky and just their punishment was (thank You, Jesus for saving us who deserve the same!). I bet Abraham was sick to death of rain, after all those 40 days and nights! It's only been four days and I'm already begging for that spring sunshine!

I also thought of how the voice of the Lord sounds like thunder. Revelation 14:2 says, "And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps." With nation rising against nation, even here in California (think recent protests....), can the end be far when we will Jesus say, "Yooo hooo!" ?

And then, naturally, all this led to Hosea (that sweet - and hard - story of love) 6:3, where He will come to us like the spring rains. What Mika and I just saw was a torrential gush -- just as God's love pours over us - yipppee! So, let us press on to know the Lord!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh my Garsh!

I just peeked, and March 18th was my last blog entry! Garsh - time does fly!!! I guess I've been flying around, too, doing a little of this (housework) and a little of that (writing)...and wondering what you've been up to!

Little Mika is not so little anymore. That dogger grows 15 feet a day....well, maybe that's an exageration. lol

Mike asked me what my Saturday plans were (last Sat) and I told him I was finally gonna empty out Tim's room. Well, oh happy day - he went right in there and began before I ever got up!!! Hoooray for helpful-husband day! He's a fast, non-distracted worker, so it got done lickety-split... if you call three hours lickety-split! However, alone, it would've taken me three weeks, so yay! Now all I've got to do it is pull the staples, spackle the holes, buy the paint, paint, shampoo carpet, find a bed, make the curtains, get the bedding..... and have Tim move back home. LOL - just kidding!

I can't decide exactly what I want to do with that room. A bed will go in there for sure, unless Amy moves to her friend Carolyn's. But, should i make it a sewing room? EXercise room (though it'd rarely get used, then), a quiet time room, a room to escape when I'm mad at Mike? hahahha
Well, I know that I am painting the ceiling and trim a soft white, and the walls a cape-codish Laura Ashley blue. I have a handmade quilt that we bought years ago at the MCC auction (which is this weekend at Fresno Pacific) that should be quite darling in there. But, fiddly-dee...I'll think of this later. :)

For now, I need to think of work and get myself flying around this place; I hate coming home to a messy house, don't you? It's so... so uninviting. Actually, kinda repelling. I know that some really don't mind messyness about them, but I love the peace and order and welcome I feel when I've done my inside job before my outside job (which I need to get to!). So, off to fly about my day - tootly-ooo! xOxoX

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Middle of the Week

Nothing too exciting going on, but it is sunny and that is always like a party to my spirit! I walked Mika today, or should I say: I dragged her? Funny dog! But, on the way home, she knows we're close and then she's raring to go - and drags me! Funny owner! :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good Morning!

Miss me???? Until Emily taught me a new trick for this site (you can actually get comments sent to your e-mail! Here's how she said to do it: Go to your dashboard and click settings, then comments, then scroll down and enter your e-mail address) I had forgotten all about it! But here I am, and I will explain my absence this week...

To begin with, hormones are making my brain spin like Fred Flinstones feet when he's revving up to go in the car (remember?). Add to that a multitude of to-do's - and, a new PUPPY, well, life is just chaotic. But, today is supposed to rain, and I hope it gets grey and just pours, so I can pour over my stack of unread magazines! If it's nice outside, Mike will be panting to get out and go. :(

Now, the puppy.... Mika (pronounced meeka) is work! Lots and lots of it; just like having a newborn. So, that's my reason for not blogging. There's only so much brain space left in this 49-year-old braino - and she's taking it all! :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Comparison

I'm sitting at my desk, which gives me a whole panoramic view of the goings on of the neighborhood. The ever-changing seasons bring variance to the landscape, and nothing is ever the same; but it's always delightful, as I get to watch the blooms stretch out into the sun, or at other times, watch the fall leaves say good-bye to the loving arms of the trees. Just now, I got to see a sight better than these ---- my husband, decked out in his sexy bicycling outfit.

As he pedaled across my view, I thought of how sexy, handsome, smart, and disciplined that man of mine is. Then... I thought of me. Umm, I need a little more work in some of those areas! I'm not exactly any of those four descriptions, but I am always striving to be more disciplined (man, that takes a lot of work! not exactly my forte).

Then, I thought of the one thing that matters most - salvation! I'm saved, saved, wonderfully saved, and if I'm never ever any of those other things, well, it will be okay. Belonging to Jesus and having purpose in Him, outshines everything else by comparison. Glad the Lord looks at the heart!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cloudy with Warmth

It was supposed to rain today, and the sky tried its best to put on a scary face. However, it ended up being the perfect day for preparing for spring -- pruning, raking, spraying off the pool deck. I just can't wait till I can play Scrabble with Susan by the pool, and jump in, in between turns. Pretty soon!!

Another treat today was being able to hang a small load of clothes and watch them sway in the breeze. I've always loved that; and the way the clothes smell at the end of the day -Yum!

How was your Sunday?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh! A happy Wednesday, indeed!

Wanna know why? Cuz after that blog I just posted this morning (see below) I went to read two comments, which to me are like fun packages, and one of them was from Shannon! Hello, Shannon! I prayed for you this morning. xo


It's been a while since I've written because Mike was home on a mini vacation. When husbands are home, a wife's life gets totally topsy-turvy. I like the topsy of fun (like golfing together), but am not fond of the turvy (routines ruined and home in a harried mess).

So, here it is Wednesday - my favorite day of the week - and I am playing catch-up. The list of to-do's is tall as a giant redwood, and my brain is leaning like that famous tower. However, as our days so shall our strength be; that's what God tells us in His word. So, gonna just nestle in the Lord's strength and not wrestle with any anxiety, as I keep doing the next thing, one thing at a time. Happy Wednesday! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Saturday

Good morning! Having been up since 5 a.m., these four cups of coffee are keeping me awake. This last one I made had half non-fat milk, half strong coffee, bits of candy cane, and a few white chocolate chips - stirred, not shaken. Quite yummy, I must say! If only it was calorie-free; I'd drink it all day long!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh, and this too --

I had four moles removed (what a Valentine's gift!) today. No freezing them off. Oh, no. I had to be poked with a dang needle - four times - to deaden them so she could cut them off. Not that I looked. No, like a kid my legs were wiggling and my fists were covering my eyeballs. But, I made it, thank God. Afterwards the doc says, "I'm proud of you." But she didnt' give me a sucker! Darn being grown up!

The Big 5-0

No, not my age.....a few more months before that scary milestone - but it's the number of blogs I've posted. Wow!

So, Happy Valentine's to all your friendys! Mike and I went to Logan's for a steak Valentine's celebration. It was good. Today he's been gone, but he'll be home way later. My Valentine today was the Lord Himself. I was supposed to walk with my sis, then hit Curves with Susan. Instead, the Lord was gently calling, so I finally cancelled my to-do's and stayed home with Him. He showed me many things I did not know, but have been asking Him about. Sweeter than a box of chocolates!

And now, it's time to wash my face and get ready to switch the channels between American Idol and the Olympics. If you were disappointed in this day of love, then look to Jesus and let God's Love overwhelm you! Ta Ta.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Mania

I am loving watching the Olympics. I do have one gripe (of course lol) - my peepers wanna quit peeping around 10:30, and all the best stuff is on after that! Amy is going to have to teach me to record on video!!!

Anyhoo, I love the three-week mania. My only hope is that tomorrow when American Idol is on, the Olympics are showing something I don't like. But drats, I think I like it all!

Michelle Kwan's not being there has freaked my grooove, and the Tomatoe Man winning the pipe stuff was something to cheer about, even if I didnt' seen his last run. Darn these peepers of mine!

Friday, February 10, 2006

shallow hal?

Forget Hal! I'm pretty shallow myself, these days. I'm reeeeeeealy hoping it's menopause, but I can barely remember anything, barely eek the right words out, and am just about as shallow as an ant pool (how do people find interesting things to talk about?)! How did this happen?!

But~! Wanna know the fun of it???? Grin grin grin. I'm not easily disappointed! Nope, I just float through life enjoying the smallest of the small things. Well, not ants, though. They still bug me. Mike has told me for years that simple minds are easy to please, and thank God it is true! Every day is a party!

I might be as shallow as Hal, but I'm as happy as Cinderella, so who can find anything wrong with that? And by the way, i love comments!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Huffing & Puffing

No, I'm not trying to blow down any houses; my lungs and heart are just pounding from my 7-mile bike ride. It's been a while... too long of a while! Let me just say that I have a spare tire - and it's not for my bike!!!! In fact, now that I think about it, it's not for anything! You know what just hit me? The idea that it's like a spare room, or the trunk of the car. All the extra gets thrown in those spaces. Yikes, like the excess food I've eaten over the years. Ok, so no wonder I'm huffing and puffing so much!

Earlier today (and get ready, cuz this is true confessions time) I actually strode right into the kitchen and stood there gobbling fish while making Mike and I fish tacos for lunch (I know... since I ate one standing, I only ate one at lunch...gulp...big gulp lol). And do you know why I did all that stuffing? Because I looked in the mirror, saw an oldish woman who had tons of weight to lose. Now, for a normal-thinking person, this would make you get on the treadmill. For me, it sent me to the treadmill of eating to stuff down those yukky feelings. There, a little insight into the mind of an overeater.

Ok, so later, I had to ask myself, "What is the truth, here?" Well, "Self," I said, "The truth is that this can be stopped, fixed, healed." Amen. And then I hopped on my bike. :)

Huffing & Puffing

No, I'm not trying to blow down any houses; my lungs and heart are just pounding from my 7-mile bike ride. It's been a while... too long of a while! Let me just say that I have a spare tire - and it's not for my bike!!!! In fact, now that I think about it, it's not for anything! You know what just hit me? The idea that it's like a spare room, or the trunk of the car. All the extra gets thrown in those spaces. Yikes, like the excess food I've eaten over the years. Ok, so no wonder I'm huffing and puffing so much!

Earlier today (and get ready, cuz this is true confessions time) I actually strode right into the kitchen and stood there gobbling fish while making Mike and I fish tacos for lunch (I know... since I ate one standing, I only ate one at lunch...gulp...big gulp lol). And do you know why I did all that stuffing? Because I looked in the mirror, saw an oldish woman who had tons of weight to lose. Now, for a normal-thinking person, this would make you get on the treadmill. For me, it sent me to the treadmill of eating to stuff down those yukky feelings. There, a little insight into the mind of an overeater.

Ok, so later, I had to ask myself, "What is the truth, here?" Well, "Self," I said, "The truth is that this can be stopped, fixed, healed." Amen. And then I hopped on my bike. :)

Monday, January 30, 2006


Did you like my bilingual greeting? I'm sure you are impressed with my use of the south-of-the-border dialect!! Really, I should have said, "Saluti," because I had Margherita pizza for dinner. When the moon hit my eye I craved a big pizza pie, and that's what I picked up to pop in the oven after work. It was yummo, or molto buon - very good, in Italian.

Oh! Did I tell you I've been dying to go to Italy?! Well, I have been! So, imagine my delight when I turned the page in this month's Cooking Light mag and saw that the grand prize in a pizza-making contest was a 5-day trip to Italy!! Then, a few days later i was reading a book (can't remember which one) that mentioned a missionary trip to Italy. Maybe the two could be combined - fun and service - all at the expense of some wine grower offering the contest?

Anyhoo, I would love to win, and must come up with a killer pizza concoction before the end-of-March deadline. I will!!! And hey, I've already had scooter practice, so when I hit the streets of Nopoli, I'll be ready to hop on that Vespa and go, go, go! Oh, and I hope when I win that God will turn Mike into a lean (he's already that), mean (ok, that, too), romantic (bring it on!!!!)machine!! Ah, amore romantico!!

This is all for now - arrivederci il mio amico!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


There are aunts, fun-loving relatives that you love to be around. Then there are ants - those pesky varmits that you don't ever want around and can hardly get rid of! The ants might not be a strong folk (Proverbs 30:25) but they are definitely determined!

Now, Mike and I have persistently battled these six-legged minuscule bothers for 6 months, and it seems to us that they are well outliving their 45-60 lifespan! I think the grandants are telling their grandchildants that our house is heaven, because they strive so hard to be here!

But maybe the Lord is using those ants as a visual message - "Go to the ant, O sluggard, observe her ways and be wise, which having no chief, officer or ruler, prepares her food in the summer and gathers her provision in the harvest (don't these ants realize the harvest ended months ago?!). How long will you lie down, O sluggard? When will you rise from your sleep?" (Proverbs 6:6-9.)

It could be the need for more discipline in my chores that the Lord is trying to remind me of, but that word determined I used to describe our diligent guests has nailed me to the wall. Writing my book, getting involved at church, being hospitible... I am not very determined to get going in these areas. Also, though we've smashed, yelled at (LOL), and sprayed them, the ants doggedly return. Nothing is deterring them.... get the picture?

Anyhoo, I am still determined to kill off these visual aids, but perhaps I ought to learn from them first!

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Great Week

It's been a really nice week. All week I had been working on an article on procrastination, then determined, by God's grace, to live what I was learning. Well, let me tell you some things I've noticed: First, I've been in a great mood. I hate to admit this, but I am really thinking that some of my depression is correlated to my lack of discpline. gulp. I reeeeealy did not like admitting that. Anyhoo, also, it's a joy to learn and apply. I mean, I've always loved learning, but never loved applying@! hahahahahaah. Those of you who know me well, know this about me. Anyhoo, when today, this wonderful end of the week showed up, my brain was clear - and so was my list of to-do's! A thousand hurrahs. May it become a lifelong habit! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

OH, Brother!

In my laundry room has sat a clothes basket, pile up to the sky with clean clothes. Every time I have to go near that room, I cringe, not wanting to face that mound of duty.

Well, the jokes on me, 'cuz I finally forced my procrastinating self to attack. It literally took me 3 minutes to fold the clothes, because the largest portion of that high pile was ALREADY FOLDED towels!!

Moral of the story: No matter how high the pile, it is never costs as much time as letting things pile up (procrastinating)!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Mornin'! At a cool 34 degrees, it's no wonder ice was covering the car's windows! This just might be the day that my cherry tomato plant realizes that summer is over! I've still had the pleasure of picking those little red delights! Yum.

Like the weather, our hearts can grow cold toward the things of God. The man who taught our OT class last night suggested this as our homework:
  • Get Quiet.
  • Quiet your heart and ask the Lord: What needs to go? Where am I not trusting you? How can I show you I love you this week?

I thought those were pretty thought-provoking, revealing, and hopefully, warm up any hearts that have frozen over this winter. Write me if you do this and let me know how it goes. :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

In the Beginning

That's how Genesis begins....in the beginning...God.

Beginning next Sunday, I will be attending a three-hour, nine-week class (45 minutes for dinner) at Riverlakes, on the Old Testament. So, as I began reading Genesis, 'in the beginning,' made me think of our beginning... With God. In His thoughts. In His actions.

As this world turns, are we beginning to forget that we were created for Him and by Him? Those three little words made it so clear to me that He was there - and we weren't - until the beginning, not of eternity, but of God's idea to create a people to love and to love Him back.

Really let that trio of truth sink in and make a new beginning of being with God, living in love, and looking forward to the end, where we will have a new beginning in eternity!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good Mornin', Good Mo-o-orninnnnn'!

I dont' know why I'm so giddy, 'cuz i threw up this morning and am battling a dumb sore throat. Still, I'm happy. It's unexplainable!

But, since I am not up to 100%, I'll just take it easy and be able to do some praying and writing. How are you?

Monday, January 09, 2006

This 'N That

Let's see, first of all, it's Monday....cleaning/get caught up day. Having kisssed that little Brandon too much the day before he got sick, this Auntie is feeling a little under the weather. Not enough to keep me in bed, but enough that progress is slow. But that's OK; I'm pacing myself!

Do you know what is really sweet? Our tree's oranges! Brilliant orange, sweet & juicy! This is the best year for that tree, ever. It looks like a Christmas tree with big orange bulbs; darling! Darting out there in the middle of the morning to nab a delightfully fresh orange, packed with vitamin C, is a highlight of my day. Hahahah, pretty boring life, eh? (And yet, I love my life.)

Tim was here this weekend, just long enough to collect $60 gas cash from me, snarl at me a bit, then dash to and fro with friends. I did the same thing at his age...without the cash from mom! Oh, and I'm sure I NEVER snarled. rofl.

Beth Moore told me today that in the Greek (Eph. 1:13 & 19) the word believe has two meanings. The first is to believe towards salvation. The second is a present participle word that you could put the word "continually" before. So, we believe for salvation, then continually believing all the way into eternity. Got that? Good! Me, too!

Well, this is enough of this 'n that. I only have four more minutes till it's the kitchen-cleaning hour. I've assigned each room with one hour of this day. By day's end, the house will shine. If I get any room finished before the hour is up - the extra minutes are mine all mine!!!! ttfn

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Time Does Fly!

We just tooted our horns into the midnight air, so how can it already be the third??? Time does fly... which means that I must get busy flying, doing my Father's business! No matter if you're speaking, praying, cleaning, it's all the Father's business. He's given us jobs to do to serve Him and our families and others, so.... let's get flying!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Over the River and Through the Snow

We've past over the river of Old Things, and now we must trudge through the snow and clear weather of the future. Where will we end up, I wonder?

Yesterday we heard the sad news of a just-married young friend finding his 22-year-old wife slumped in a corner of the bathroom. A blood clot instantly killed this new bride, and it reminded me again of life's uncertainties.

Time's too short to squander on what was. Let's make it a goal to let go of it. Forgive, replace unhappy memories with pleasant ones, let failures serve as springboards to accomplishments, and well, let's just get moving for God! "This is the day the Lord has made..."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

It's here - fresh beginnings, new calendars, aspiring goals! I've never been one to make goals, but I have already begun some 6-month goals. This is a first for me, and I must say, I am quite excited about the possiblity of achieving them. In six months (if I remember) I will tell you how I did.

A goal that I didn't write on paper, but that the Lord has put in my heart, is to spend time with Him... in the Word, every day, not even a selected time, just available when He calls - reading, absorbing, praying, personalizing, listening (shhhhhhh), hearing, obeying, praising, glorifying, thanking, complaining, confessing, yakking, adoring. I'm excited about this too, as I will confess sloth in this area in 2005 (and 04 and 03 and...).

Anne Graham Lotz is right - God is the Giver of second chances... and fresh beginnings! Great is His faithfulness!