Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Curve Balls of LIfe

I love baseball!!!

Back in the day, I got to shake baseball pitcher Orel Hershiser's (a coveted Cy Young award winner and World Series MVP of the year with the Dodgers) hand at a Pro/Am golf game in Pebble Beach. I actually shook a variety of famous people's hands during that tournament, with having one of only six golf hats specifically made for Tommy Armour the third landing on my head before leaving the course (which Payne Stuart signed, just before he died in that awful plane crash). Tommy signed it, too, and it was just a blast!! A friend of his, that I got to yakking to, gave me the cap at the end of the tournament. Lucky me!!!!  :)

Sometimes, in this life of ours, life throws some curves balls. We can go along with smooth fast pitches, and then, lo and behold, a slow pitch comes along and messes up your whole swing!

That happened with me after Amy's wedding. After being on Cloud 9 for an entire year, I just drooped the next one. So weird!!!

But life can be like that sometimes.

Thus, no posts on this blog site!

Ha! Until just now. :)))

Happy sigh of relief!!!!

It feels so fun to be back! I just have to see what is going on with my quilting bloggers, and everyone else. Blogs are so creative and fun and I learn soooo much -- recipes, quilting techniques, how to decorate, and the list continues!!!!

And, hey!! Pinterest, the talk of the nation, and I've never visited it!! Must. Get. Involved!!!! :))) Are you????

Oh... do talk to me!!!!  :)))))))