Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jill Brisco Conference

This conference was awesome! I've heard Jill speak twice before - delightful both times - but this was totally heart-changing. It was very obvious that it had been covered in prayer, and the Spirit was doing His sweet convicting and encouraging through Jill, Anne Barbour, our worship leader, and the many who served us. If you've never heard of NEWIM, it was through this avenue of Jill's, trying to encourage those in ministry. And to think, I almost changed my mind and didn't go!

Friday, June 16, 2006

A fun day!

Ooops! lol Can you see what my mind is like these days? It's gotten so scary that I've begun doing all the little freebie games in the daily newspaper, in hopes that my mind will get flexed again. I am really depending on the Lord for sanity!!! See, He keeps us close to Him, one way or the other!

Noah moved back, did I tell you that? Well, it's been just dandy!!! Already, he has taken me to the movies - at night, normally my bedtime, and I actually kept awake the whole time! lol Then yesterday, mike, me, noah, kyle, all went to Stockdale and played golf. Now, those silly young bucks were just pos they could 'take' mike and I, so they bet us pizza at Plumberries. Well, Mike kept saying all night long how his back hurt from 'carrying' me during the golf game ( I golfed the worst ever). However, Mike played pretty darn good and we won!! Yep, those boys had to cough up the dough for the pizza dough. It was great! We actually ate AT THE RESTAURANT and OUTSIDE, my fav!!! See, it is a good thing Noah moved back, cuz he's getting mike and I out. Hooooray!!

Having to hang a billion garage sale signs today for theresa's Oaks neighborhood fling, I decided to ride my bike, and since amers got her a darling new bike, she came along....good thing, too, cuz i got too much sun and was not in good shape, till we pit stopped at jamba juice and the infused b vits hit my veins, then all cylinders were running again. It's fun to have a daughter!

Anyhoo, as you can imagine on this hot day, after being the sun for hours on end, floating int he pool with a mag felt mighty fine. yep, mighty fine. Oh!! I almost forgot to tell you - guess what I picked from our garden today??? Our very first crooked neck squash and zuchhinis. Now, hurry up tomatoes!!

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A fun day!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

In the Good Ol' Summertime!!!!!

Let the fun begin!!!! It's summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime!!!

What sealed the deal for me, and changed my mindset from spring to summer were two things: 1> Shannon and I spent a whirlwind day at the coast yesterday. Zoom, zoom, zooom in fun! and 2> I cleaned out the pool and patios and pruned and raked and washed down the deck. Oh, and had bought two brand new noodles and two floating lounge chairs.

Now can you see why it's the good ol' summertime?? :) We are bbqing burgers tonight and playing cards with my sis, and maybe....jumping in the pool! Oh what fun!

But, before the fun, I must clean the house. During the week, i pretty much have a routine of upkeep with the house, wanting mike to come home to a welcoming peaceful haven. but then, on the weekends...well, it's party mode my mind slips into and the house goes to pot - when he's here all day. go figure. so, am cleaning it right now and then he can wallow in wonderful enjoyment. me, too. :) have a fun day, and get your flip flops on - it's summertime!!!!