Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Faith of Leap - A GIVEAWAY!!!!

(Giveaway now closed. Thanks!)

Enjoying the cooler autumn mornings, my Bloggerinas?

I am! Before I even lift my head off the pillow, Superman throws open every door and lets the whole-house fan bluster its way through every nook and cranny. Fall's crispness gives me the biggest caress! Pure delight! The cozy flannel quilt I made eons ago gets pulled up to my neck and I just luxuriate in this bliss for a few minutes before the day's doings carry me away from thinking about such delightful moments. Just wonderful; one of my favorite fall things!!!  :)

Another fav of mine is lollygagging in bed or on the couch, curled up with a good read. And just in case this is one of your favorite pastimes, too, I have two more books to give away!!!  Yay!!!! Can you believe how generous these book companies are today?! In this time of economic chaos, it's like they are scattering Christmas gifts all year round!!!  Love it!

So, Baker Books is this month's giver of good things. The title of the book I read and reviewed is The Faith of Leap by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch. How many times does the feeling of security chain us to inaction when a bit of courageous risk is called for? I, for one, have something the Lord has asked me to do - long ago...sigh - and leaping out and doing it by faith has yet to be accomplished. There, I said it. Not proud of it, but it's just a simple fact. I'm more on the chicken side of things, than the bold lion side. What about you? Do you need some encouraging words to get you to embrace a little risk and courageous adventure in faith?

If so - or if you would like to give it away to someone who has just popped into your mind - then just leave me a comment with your blog or email address, so that I can contact you if you are one of the TWO winners!!!  Yep, I have twin copies to GIVEAWAY!

The GIVEAWAY WINNERS will be announced one week from today,
Wednesday, October 5th!

P.S. Candy corn, another autumn delight, is proving too much to bear. I better toss this yummy-ness out soon or begin to look like one... and I'm not talking about the color!!!  :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taco Cupcakes!! Can You Believe It?!!

I just discovered this cute website that has recipes, like TACO CUPCAKES. Since I only found this site a minute ago, these delectable-sounding tacos have not made their way into my mouth yet, but doesn't your mouth want to go............             chomp-chomp?!!!

Perfect football watching food, I'm thinking!  What do you think???
For recipe (and I 'stole' the picture from this site), go HERE, to

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still Dreamin' of the FUN!

Every summer my sis and her troop rent a house right on the beach. Just climb down the stairs and your feet are oohing and ahhing under the warmth of the sand.

Every year I say I will drive over, and every year I never show up.

Till this year. 

I had so dang much fun, that the afterglow has lasts all these many weeks later.

My darling grandnephew, who calls me "Wiz" (instead of Liz) was so cute in the water. As the waves would carry me onto shore, he'd run up and say either, "You are cool" or "Are you okay?" 

So fun. So cute!

He wanted me to sleep in the bunk beds with him, so they secured him on one top bunk, and I took the other. It's just nice to be loved!!!  :)

Anyhoo, I had eyelid surgery (not for cosmetic, but if it ends up making my eyes look younger, I shall not utter one bit of complaint  :) ) yesterday, and while under the anesthesia they told me I said, "I'm at the beach!"

As you can tell, I am still happily dreaming of the complete blast I had over there. 

Next year, I'll be there!!!

Happy end of summer. Enjoy the sunshine while you can!

Time to go ice my eyes for an hour... brrrrr!