Thursday, July 10, 2008

More of Jesus

You never know what you'll find when you step into the musty realm of a Goodwill store. Sometimes treasures are sitting on that shelf, hoping your keen eye will see them for the gems that they once were (before becoming someone else's trash). Yesterday, I happened to find one - a book by Anne Graham Lotz that I had never even heard of called I Saw the Lord. Have you ever heard of this one? Have you read it? Did I buy your copy from Goodwill??! :)

Anyhoo, the purpose of her book is to wake up the hearts of God's people, the hearts and mind in our once great nation, and to revive our hearts with their long-lost fervor for Jesus.

In one paragraph she is talking about how she slept through opportunities to be with Jesus, and said, "That's when I most need a wake-up call - a jolt that pushes me to seek out revival of the passion that began as a blazing, empowering fire but somehow tends to die down to a comfortable but weak, ineffective glow." Hmmmm....

I think revival comes when we are wanting more of Jesus than comfort, money, fun, pleasure... What do you think? Share your thoughts with me on revival. Or, do you need to be revived? Is your heart barely beating for the things of God?

I, for one, need more of Jesus in my life and less of Liz. Yep, I must decrease and He must increase. Less of me, more of Jesus. I do want my passions blazing again with an empowering fire stoked by the Holy Spirit of God.

If you feel like this, too, then go to Jesus and let Him strike the match! :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Party On

You wouldn't believe how cute it was going to be! I was so excited!!! Pinks and whites, little bottles of lotion with sparkly crowns as the lids (I know! who but the Lord could have had me find those perfect party favors?), and dual-pink tins that said, "Princess Box" on the bottom, that were going to be used for Scripture cards I was wanting to make. So perfect for a party of Peeps, and you can imagine how I was clapping my hands when I spotted them. When my friend who was helping me decide about the brunch's details (such as, she talked me out of renting that huge round table and umbrella that our local place rents) saw them, it was cute how excited she was for me (and the gals). I prayed many times what to serve, what He would want me or anyone else to say (He did want me to ask a friend to share) and for the girls to feel welcome, blessed, encouraged, filled with joy, as I pray for all my brunches (not that I have many anymore). Don't you just wanna put on your shimmery-pink tu tu and crown and come on over?

Well, don't don that party outfit yet, because sometimes these things get taken out of our hands, and we can't do anything about it.... except decide how we will respond....

Pout? Check. Pray. Check. Bundle up the boxes and lotions, add some pink razors and darling little pink purse notepads, and call up Courtney, who is soon going to Swaziland, and hand them to her for some of the girls she will be ministering to? Check & Yay!

This morning's Bible reading had me in Ephesians. "But God, who is rich in mercy...." I love those "But God's" in the Bible. No matter what happens to us, those powerful two words remind us to consider who He is, what Jesus went through, and who He did it for - us! Dead in our trespasses and sins, indulging in the lusts of our flesh, walking in the course of this world.... that was us - Ellas in the cinders of life - until the fabulous riches of God's mercy came and crowned us with lovingkindness and swapped our rags for royal wear (so much better for twirling).

So, you know what? Keep your tu tu ready, because soon we will be going to a party in heaven! I don't know if there will be pink and white, but I do know that it will be shimmery (all those glistening gems, ya know)!!!

See you there!!!