Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pumpkins and Friends and Turkey Talk

It's almost here -- the gathering of friends, family, and festivities! Got big plans???

Our plans are small this year, just a quiet gathering of the kids and a few others. It will be nice.  :)  {After writing this I discovered that I will not have 6, but maybe 15! YAY!}

Still, I've been having a blast looking through November's magazines with all the bountiful recipes and decorating ideas! Helping, was that I got to do this with my Bestie Shannon while we were away on our whoever-knows-what-number annual Girlfriend Getaway. What a blast we had. The two of us began Friday morning reading our Bibles, then surrounding ourselves with holiday magazines galore, choosing recipes and ooohing and aaaahing over clothing, stocking stuffers, beautiful ribbons and bows and pillows. Oh, MY!!!

As usual, Martha Martha Martha has a 2011 Thanksgiving booklet you can download for free from SiriusXM, HERE. To get it to download,  you have to click on each category separately and save it to your computer. I put mine on my desktop so that it's easy to get to.

Also, Paula Deen has one, too - for free- HERE.

Big or small, quiet or boisterous, have a thankful heart!

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'all! (It's that Paula Deen! She's rubbing off on me!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Cutting Edge Ruler!!!

Do you ever feel like your brain just up and left you???!

Well, I am just positive that mine said goodbye the day after Amy's wedding, the second I woke up!

Yes, that was many months ago, so you can only imagine how it must feel!

But fiddley-ee-dee!  :) 

Life goes on, with or without a brain and I simply must plan a trek to the land of Oz, and soon!!!

So, here I am now, finally, and before I ever post about Thanksgiving, I must tell you that I won a fabulous prize back in October! Posting about it this late in no way diminishes the jubilant excitement I experienced when Pat Sloan emailed that I had won HER BRAND NEW CUTTING EDGE RULER -- any size my little heart desired to choose!!!!!!

Now, doesn't that reveal a ginormous giving heart??!!  Thank you, Pat!!!! (And to those who chose me from their blog... thank you!!! My emails got deleted and I now have no way to remember... wah!)

This ruler is like none other -- It actually sharpens your rotary blade as you cut, whirring as you go along to remind you that you have in your arsenal-of-sewing one handy, dandy, awesome tool!!!! 

You are going to want one of your very own, and lucky for you --- Santa needs a list!!!!! Just crawl upon that red-velvet lap and spill the beans! You just might be surprised to awaken on Christmas morning and finde one of your own under the sparkling-lit evergreen!!!  That would be jolly! Here is where you can send your husband, I mean, Santa!...  http://patsloan.typepad.com/pat_sloans_corner/sullivans-cutting-edge-ruler-shop.html ...  smile, smile, smile!!!

Anyhoo, glad I didn't have to wait till Christmas

Have fun preparing your heart for plenty of Thanksgiving and your home for holiday gatherings!