Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GIVEAWAY!!! yay! :)

Hi ! Happy September, everyone!!! The giveaway is now closed... BECAUSE WE HAVE A WINNER!!! It is YOU, ALAINE88!!!! Please email your address to me, so I can get this book and Starbucks card into your hands!!! Congrats! Thanks for joining me in this giveaway!  :)

 Yes, a GIVEAWAY!!!  yay
Once again, I got to review a new book; this is a privilege, expanding my horizon of authors. Love it!

GIVEAWAY: This book by John Hagee and a $5 gift card to Starbucks. One of my favorite things to do while reading is sipping a cappuccino, so I thought I bet someone else finds that special too! These are just two of life's simple joys! 

To enter, leave me the title of your favorite book.  :) The winner will be announced September 1, this coming Saturday, in the afternoon. Hope YOU win!

Since I feel the exact same as I did when I wrote my review for Amazon, I am just going to cut and paste it here...

Anytime a title/subtitle has the words 'new' and 'revelation' in it, I am a bit leary; couple that with a friend telling me that this author, John Hagee, is a "name-it and claim-it" pastor, well, I proceeded with extra caution.

I'm just glad I proceeded!

For me, the book is a trove of information, all leading to God and encouraging our walks with Jesus. Never have I learned so many details about the blessing in Numbers 6:22-27 and the blessings that Jacob (Israel) said to his sons, upon his deathbed.

It was captivating! John Hagee definitely writes with flair, honesty, and a deep love for God and His people.

As far as the blessings we pass onto our children and others, I do not believe we can just say, "You will be the best salesman" and God will bring it to pass. Since our days were written by God while we were still in the womb, I think that God may not have planned for that person to be a salesman, the best or the worst.

Still, he only mentions this kind of thing a couple of times, and it is a mere drop in the ocean of God's Word, which John abundantly shares. 

Even though I finished it days ago, it's often that I find my mind pondering what I read... and smiling.

I'm happy I read this book!

hugs & kisses!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SOS !!! :)

There are still 26 more days till FALL!!!
I’m getting a jump-start and  beginning my autumn decorating this week!

So, SOS!

Send (link) me all your favorite Ol’ blogs that are Stuffed with inspiring
 ideas and pictures for this upcoming season!

Please!!!!!!  :)

Ooooo, can’t wait!

Thank YOU!!!!!!  :)

hugs & kisses!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Now That I'm Blogging Again...

... I'm scanning the blog horizon for all your sunny posts, with gorgeous pictures, charming chats, and inspiring projects that have me longing for home, where I could lock myself in my kitchen or sewing room and become a Rembrant of creativity!

But, if I were home, chances are most likely that I would be doing 50-yard dashes from one to-do to the next. Don't you feel like this sometimes? My hope is that it is only sometimes because without those little cherries on top of our days, like browsing sites, then hopping up and getting our minds and hands immersed in the fun of turning what we see into our own cute design, life would merely be work. And that is not the way to live.

So, now that I'm blogging again, I've noticed that my juices for sewing and baking are flowing swiftly through my veins again, thanks to being landed in the middle of nowhere, while my husband goes on site for a job, leaving me alone with time in a hotel room ilde my time away with fun! I love your blogs!

!hugs & kisses!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summery Simple

Garden tomatoes...
                Fresh sweet basil...
                                    Susan Branch's fun-to-read cookbook, with stories & recipes & inspiration...

                                                                     OH MY!

Seasons come and go so quickly here!  :)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If You're Happy & You Know It - Chocolate Might Be Involved! :)

A little bit of bad  makes for a really good attitude!!!

Every day I try to add something ‘bad’ into my daily routine.

Dark Chocolate tagging along with the healthy snackster …

… Moments to browse a mag in the middle of stomping the to-do list …

… Putting on sassy pink lipstick every time I pass the bathroom mirror …

… Pouring sparkling water over ice in an antique wine glass for ironing time …

… Blasting the music, any music, louder than necessary, and dance while cooking dinner …

Think of some little things you love, that you postpone in your haste to get there or do that, and do them.

In endless days of endless have-tos, it’s just nice to be bad enough to be good to ourselves.  :)

Try it & then tell me all about it!  I’ll share your joy!