Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yea, I said it! Dang! There are just too many things in life that make me say 'dang'!

When my girlfriend, Debbie, emailed that her doctors mentioned cancer, in association with masses on her lung, I said to the Lord, "Dang! We need her around. Who else will write your books and go around the world proclaiming the good news and your greatness?" (It ended up being calcification, which is totally non-cancerous...dang, that was a close one, and yay that God is not finished with her yet.)

And then today - sew day, with my best friend Susan - I told the Lord, "Dang!," when I listened to her singing operetta in my kitchen while fixing us Diet Pepsies, and, having mercy on her dear Casie, who misses all this fun, prayed that He would open the doors for her to move to Minnesota, where that beloved daughter of hers lives. It causes deep wells of tears to bust out when I think of that day coming. And then, to have to be unselfish enough to pray such a dreadful thing (for me), well, all I can say is "Dang!" That's a door I'd like to bar with steel upon steel. But that's pretty selfish of me, cuz she and her daughter are also best friends. Yay they are best friends and dang that i might soon lose mine!

Amy came over and fixed a problem with my computer today, and then she said, "I met a man." So far so good. "He lives in Canada." Dang! My mind took off on a zippity sprint into the unknown future, where I had her marrying the man and leaving me forever. Maybe it will happen and they will marry. But maybe she'll get married and he'll willingly move here....dang, I hadn't thought of that!!! (They haven't known each other very long, so you can see that this 'dang' might come to nothing.)

Anyhoo, you get the picture. There are so many things to say "Dang!" to. And then... God comes close and says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Dang, finally something secure!

(Lyn, if you're reading this, I often say "Dang!" to the Lord about a war that has your son on foreign soil. Thankfully, Jesus never leaves nor forsakes him, either." Yay and dang!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amazingly Thankful

It amazes me what can turn my idle thoughts into overflowing thanks.

All I was doing was slicing pickles. Old ones, at that. But those salty green burger enhancers made me realize that many people in the world don't have these 'extras,' let alone burgers to put them on.

That one thought, that tiptoed in while from slicing four little pickles, has me praising God that I am here in America, with pickles and garden tomatoes and onions to add zest to my burger (which I am also grateful for)!

Thank You, Lord, for reminding me about Your sweet provision!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Part of James 4:2 says, "You do not have because you do not ask."

So.... ask!

I did!

And take a loooky-looooooo...... !!! Yahoo!

Here's how it happened... My friend Emily, who has aspirations of writing (and will definitely reach that mountain peak!) showed me her submission to Her enthusiasm, excitement, and anticipation to have a chance to be a guest on this blog was darling. After reading what she wrote, I got up from my computer chair, and began painting the guest room a darling cottage blue, praying for Emily to be accepted, the whole time (ok, well, my mind did wander to other things quite a bit. I need a thought lasso, because my thoughts sure do like to wander off!!! Can you imagine? Cowgirl Liz??!!) . And she was!!! Thank YOU, Lord!

So, the next morning, I took a stroll through RealLifeBlog and loved it. It got my author juices flowing! Though the deadline was the night before, Friday, and this was very early on Saturday morning, I took a chance - I asked!

I asked, "Your deadline was last night.... But, God's word says "you have not because you ask not." So, could you use another submission? I have this one attached, just in case. It was fast, but if it's not too late, and you like my style of writing, I would love to try to get a guest spot."

And she wrote back, "Liz, I would like to use your post, thanks for contacting me. You're right about the asking!"

Which means that James was right about the asking. Which means God was right about the asking, because all Scripture is Spirit breathed and inspired by God. Which means it is right to always ask.

And then.... leave the answering - 'yes' ~ 'no' ~ 'maybe so' - to God! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Pleasures are Big Fun!

Most days, I hop on my bide (no, that's not a pic of me, silly! That's a boy! And wrong era. lol. I may be old, but not that old. I got this picture from a site that came up in Google, under vintage bikes. I've since gone back to find it, but can't. Cute, huh!), face it towards the street and maneuver it out of the garage, then I circle round the quiet cul-de-sac (quiet because it's early and the troop of young kids on the block are still in pj's watching cartoons), head down the street towards the beautiful green barley fields, take a sharp right onto the sidewalk, and in approximately 20 yards, I'm there - our mailbox!

If I have mail to ship out, then this little pleasure ride is done twice, in one day. That's double the pleasure.

No matter what kind of mood I'm in, how bad or good life is at the moment, once I hop onto the seat of my bike and get my legs twirling in a circular dance, everything's pure pleasure for those few carefree moments (or longer, if that's my exercise for the day). Fun!

Again and again, I am learning that if I open my eyes and really look, in all of life's highs and lows, there are snippets of blessings waiting to be plucked and enjoyed. But we have to look for them.

Once upon a time, I did not look for them! Oh, no. Instead, if a day was bad, then, by golly, I just sat there and moped...sad. Really, if you've ever experienced that kind of living, then you know what a dreary existence it is.

So, now, I choose to find these little pleasures in my day, and turn them into big fun by enjoying them with thankfulness to God. It's like a B12 shot in the arm!

Open your eyes and see what little pleasures you can turn into big fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hannah Bo Bannah

Since my Bible doesn't give Hannah's last name, I've dubbed her Hannah Bo Bannah, in keeping with my silly mood this morning (hey, it's better than being grumpy!).

This particular last-nameless gal is on my mind because last night I was reading the first two chapters of 1 Sam, where she had said of herself, "I am a woman of sorrowful spirit..."

Okay. So far, I think we have all been in her sandals.'s the part that got me - "I have drunk neither wine nor intoxicating drink, but have POURED OUT MY SOUL BEFORE THE LORD." (Caps added by moi.)

Mrs. Bo Bannah didn't try to dilute her sorrow. In complete helplessness, she dropped down before her God and told Him all about it. Good idea!

Do I do this? Well, yes... eventually. Most times, though, I confess that I'm guilty of complaining or running away to the movies or shopping, trying my best to avoid the pain. What about you?

After reading Hannah's biography, I see that avoiding the pain moves us from God, not towards Him. God is an ever present help in times of trouble, but I double it outta there when trouble comes, not sit at the feet of Jesus and see what He wants to teach me through the sorrow or find comfort in His care.

And besides all that, just think of what gets delivered to us out of our sorrows! For Hannah, it was Samuel, who was used greatly as God's prophet. Jack Hayford said, "Hannah could not know that her intense intercession for a child was moving in concert with God - bringing her a son, but also bringing forth the will and blessing of God for a whole nation. As she entrusts the longings of her heart to God (I like that!), He moves on her behalf, but also advances His larger plan through her at the same time."

To think, our sorrows give birth to God's ultimate plans, for our good and for those around us. So, in these sorrows, we really can "consider it all joy." And that's not silly at all!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Just think of how much time and money we spend honoring our Dads! We load them up with lots of love and gifts and devote the whole day to them. Early this morning, I slowly rolled out of bed, groggy from not enough hours in Slumber Land, tried a half-hearted yoga stretch that Dr. Oz says is a must-do, then padded into the kitchen and got busy with the routine motions of making coffee for my husband, the dad of our three kids. The aroma alone was enough to perk us up (well, sorta)! And just now, the oven is beeping, calling me to come check on his favorite homemade apple pie. Tonight, it's more favorites of his - burgers and potato salad. With the kids out of the house, it's mostly up to me to do all of this honoring business, but I love it. He deserves honor.

Even though we've been through 27 of these Father's Days, today, while preparing the pie's crust, I was all of a sudden thinking of our Heavenly Father. What about Him? How much time do I spend honoring Him, the Almighty Sovereign God who sent His very own begotten and beloved Son Jesus, just so that through Him - His death on the cross and resurrection - we could believe in Him and find the way to call this One True God, Father. It's amazing! It's amazing grace!

Anyhoo, everyday is a day to honor our heavenly Father! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


You've heard the question, Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?

We all know the answer to it - because "today" we'd rather do something else...or perhaps, nothing at all. For me, Princess Procrastination (originally, I typed in 'Queen' instead of Princess, but it smacked of older than, and even though I am 'older than' I didn't like it), what I need to do today I will often put off till tomorrow because I simply do not FEEL like doing it today. Tomorrow sounds more hopeful, like, maybe, I will feel like it then. And sometimes I do.

Here's the drawback - all my tomorrows slam into one another in the most long and windy traffic jams. You know how irritating it is to be stuck in traffic, inching our way slowly forward, like a 99-year-old man pushing his walker one inch per second. All you want to do is MOVE! To be free and able to zoom ahead at will. Well, that's the drawback to procrastination. All of the things I put off are still facing me, waiting to be done, holding me back from zooming off into the day with fresh joy and vigor for that day's happenings and doings and enjoyments! Procrastination is a thief... and I invited him in!

And then, oh, then, I become stressed and overwhelmed, and maybe a little self-loathing, leaving me pining to be a more disciplined person than I am, and wishing I did not have this snake-like list wrapping around my life.

It all could've been avoided, too, if only I had answered the above question with the correct answer: Indeed. Why put it off, when I am capable of doing it today?

It's never too late to begin anew! The Bible says that the righteous fall seven times and get back up. Those 'seven times' cover each day of this past week, but guess what? I'm getting back up! My daily planner is splayed across my desk, and with my smooth-flowing favorite fountain pen, I am going to take this piled-up list of to-dos and assign them time spots on next week's calendar pages. This might sound like more procrastination, but actually it is realization - that all my loathing, pining, and wishing will accomplish nothing but discouragement. Planning will help and is positive, a step in the right direction.

I might have made bad choices last week but I'm not today! Ahhhh.... God's mercies are new every morning!