Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Just think of how much time and money we spend honoring our Dads! We load them up with lots of love and gifts and devote the whole day to them. Early this morning, I slowly rolled out of bed, groggy from not enough hours in Slumber Land, tried a half-hearted yoga stretch that Dr. Oz says is a must-do, then padded into the kitchen and got busy with the routine motions of making coffee for my husband, the dad of our three kids. The aroma alone was enough to perk us up (well, sorta)! And just now, the oven is beeping, calling me to come check on his favorite homemade apple pie. Tonight, it's more favorites of his - burgers and potato salad. With the kids out of the house, it's mostly up to me to do all of this honoring business, but I love it. He deserves honor.

Even though we've been through 27 of these Father's Days, today, while preparing the pie's crust, I was all of a sudden thinking of our Heavenly Father. What about Him? How much time do I spend honoring Him, the Almighty Sovereign God who sent His very own begotten and beloved Son Jesus, just so that through Him - His death on the cross and resurrection - we could believe in Him and find the way to call this One True God, Father. It's amazing! It's amazing grace!

Anyhoo, everyday is a day to honor our heavenly Father! :)

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