Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yea, I said it! Dang! There are just too many things in life that make me say 'dang'!

When my girlfriend, Debbie, emailed that her doctors mentioned cancer, in association with masses on her lung, I said to the Lord, "Dang! We need her around. Who else will write your books and go around the world proclaiming the good news and your greatness?" (It ended up being calcification, which is totally non-cancerous...dang, that was a close one, and yay that God is not finished with her yet.)

And then today - sew day, with my best friend Susan - I told the Lord, "Dang!," when I listened to her singing operetta in my kitchen while fixing us Diet Pepsies, and, having mercy on her dear Casie, who misses all this fun, prayed that He would open the doors for her to move to Minnesota, where that beloved daughter of hers lives. It causes deep wells of tears to bust out when I think of that day coming. And then, to have to be unselfish enough to pray such a dreadful thing (for me), well, all I can say is "Dang!" That's a door I'd like to bar with steel upon steel. But that's pretty selfish of me, cuz she and her daughter are also best friends. Yay they are best friends and dang that i might soon lose mine!

Amy came over and fixed a problem with my computer today, and then she said, "I met a man." So far so good. "He lives in Canada." Dang! My mind took off on a zippity sprint into the unknown future, where I had her marrying the man and leaving me forever. Maybe it will happen and they will marry. But maybe she'll get married and he'll willingly move here....dang, I hadn't thought of that!!! (They haven't known each other very long, so you can see that this 'dang' might come to nothing.)

Anyhoo, you get the picture. There are so many things to say "Dang!" to. And then... God comes close and says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Dang, finally something secure!

(Lyn, if you're reading this, I often say "Dang!" to the Lord about a war that has your son on foreign soil. Thankfully, Jesus never leaves nor forsakes him, either." Yay and dang!)

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Lyn said...

I agree whole heartedly...sometimes you just have to say "Dang!" Dang, I wish grief was easier, and healing faster..but Praise Be to Jesus who walks with me thru it! Thanks for being you and sharing with me!xoxo