Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Pleasures are Big Fun!

Most days, I hop on my bide (no, that's not a pic of me, silly! That's a boy! And wrong era. lol. I may be old, but not that old. I got this picture from a site that came up in Google, under vintage bikes. I've since gone back to find it, but can't. Cute, huh!), face it towards the street and maneuver it out of the garage, then I circle round the quiet cul-de-sac (quiet because it's early and the troop of young kids on the block are still in pj's watching cartoons), head down the street towards the beautiful green barley fields, take a sharp right onto the sidewalk, and in approximately 20 yards, I'm there - our mailbox!

If I have mail to ship out, then this little pleasure ride is done twice, in one day. That's double the pleasure.

No matter what kind of mood I'm in, how bad or good life is at the moment, once I hop onto the seat of my bike and get my legs twirling in a circular dance, everything's pure pleasure for those few carefree moments (or longer, if that's my exercise for the day). Fun!

Again and again, I am learning that if I open my eyes and really look, in all of life's highs and lows, there are snippets of blessings waiting to be plucked and enjoyed. But we have to look for them.

Once upon a time, I did not look for them! Oh, no. Instead, if a day was bad, then, by golly, I just sat there and moped...sad. Really, if you've ever experienced that kind of living, then you know what a dreary existence it is.

So, now, I choose to find these little pleasures in my day, and turn them into big fun by enjoying them with thankfulness to God. It's like a B12 shot in the arm!

Open your eyes and see what little pleasures you can turn into big fun!

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Lyn said...

I totally forgot about this....I had gone to Kim Bowers Blog upon her asking me to, and saw yours there!!!, I'll be checking so keep on writing:) xoxo