Friday, December 30, 2005


Well, guess I toook a little blogger vacation, didn't I? I was so busy doing the mundane that I had nothing interesting to write.... so, I didn't write anything. Today's no different - LOL - but I don't want to lose my faithful readers!

I went over to Lyn's today and we walked and talked for two miles. It was invigorating all the way around - mentally, spiritually, physically! If you're feeling sluggish in any of those areas, grab Hubby Dear or your close girlfriend and get your mouth and feet going. It'll perk you right up!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

It Makes Ya Think!

Every month we get a newsletter from some missionaries we support. Their news is always inspirining, as they serve God whole-heartily in Mexico and see the Lord move in many neat ways. In this month's letter we were asked "If you take away the decorations, food and festivities, would you still celebrate Christmas with joy?"

I had to stop and think about that.... I am so used to having so much, love my Christmas decorations, think parties at this time of year (or any other time) are a blast (I literally tied darling teensy bells to one of my toes last night, promising the hostess I'd be there with bells on my toes) and just shine with all the lighted houses. But what if all I had were a roof over my head and a bed with smelly, noisy animals, and none of the above?

Well, it's made me think - and thank. "And the shepherds went back, glorifying and praising God for all that they had heard and seen, just as had been told them" Luke 2:20. What joy is Jesus!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Counting....and Wishing I Were Down!

You know, cleaning is hard work, and don't let anyone tell you any different! It's also continuous. Now, if I worked at it more continually than I normally do, I think I would've been done by now... I'm pooped! But then I think of Mike, my hard-working, diligent man of men. Or even Jesus, who kept on doing the work His Father gave Him, till it was finished (although a woman's work is never finished; we all know that). So, onward, but a bit more slowly. Hahahahaha. Doing this little bit of complaining has helped, 'cuz now I am laughing. I mean, after all - I get to stay inside, talk on the phone while I work, listen to music as loud or low as I want, can stop when I want and take a break, can set my own hours, and get a reward every night of a job well done (ok, most nights). Now I ask you - is there anything to do but give thanks? Up and at 'em again, giving thanks while doing round 2. Asta la vista, baby! Oh, I was looking up toilet bowl stain removal and Martha had it under her HOMEKEEPING section. HOMEKEEPING.... THAT'S WHAT MOMS/WIVES DO. yay! (I can't help sharing all this today, as I am in a yakkin' kinda mood!)

The Countdown Continues

Do you know what fun I'm having? Christmas music is filling our home with joyous melodies, while I fill our home with prayers for joy for my familia, while cleaning. When Tim emptied his room before going to Oakland, he handed me a manilla envelope full of sentimental papers, including this darling book that he wrote and illustrated in second grade about his family. And what did his mom do? "My mom cleans." :) And mom still does, because for me, it's a way to love my family and make their lives a little more peaceful and refreshing. It's a selfless act of serving (cuz I'd rather be doing almost anything else). Though my family might not have ever noticed that the fruit of my labor made their lives more peaceful and comforted, I could tell it sunk deep into their beings. Anyway, I am having fun doing what moms do - clean (amongst a jillion other things).

I lighted the cinnamon-scented candle to add some fun ambiance to washing the dishes, and as the warm sudsy water created sterile plates and glasses, my hubby dear came to mind... He's not feeling well, hates driving, yet he got up very early, filled the thermos with hot coffee and took off for an overnight trip for work - and no complaints (just a few sighs). And I was longing to lay in bed and read, remember?! This is what has made cleaning fun today: doing right lifts the countenance and the heart's joy. And it's right fun that I get to be part of a team, carefully guarding the things of home, while Mike goes out and serves us, keeping us in this sweet home. And that knowledge makes me feel good... and thankful... that I have this man who serves us and that I get to serve.

Anyhoo, this is adding to the festively joyous merriment of the season, knowing this home and family are also gifts from God. Be blessed with much merriment in your serving today! xo

The Countdown Begins

Seven.... six... five... the Christmas-Day-Countdown began for me this morning. Last week I was breathing a sigh of relief over having the shopping and most of the wrapping done, and then when I woke up this morning I rememebered something -- there's still cleaning and baking and marketing! So, my schedule book will be pulled out and I will set my pen to prepare a daily to-do list, so that by Christmas Eve I am totally ready to celebrate, being festively joyous!

That means that instead of lying in bed reading, as I'm longing to do, I must reach my goal of a clean house by 3:30 (that's when Susan will come a'honking for Curves). I'm not a disciplined person, but what's the alternative - a messy, chaotic mind, lacking any kind of joy.

And you know what? My countdown will add up to a more festive joy for my family, too, because they will be able to enjoy the fruit of my labors with me. So... one... two...three....Go Liz!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christsmas!

Third time's a charm!! I kept pushing the 'enter' button, instead of 'tab', and now, ta da - that created a lesson! You know how in the Bible when God meant something to be paid attention to greatly, He'd repeat it three times? Well, there ya go - He wants you to have a merry little Christmas!

The word 'merry' means: full of cheerfulness or gaiety; joyous in disposition or spirit; laughing; happy; mirthful; festively joyous; hilarious.

I love all those things - PARTY attitudes!! In the bustle, the hustle, the troubled, and calm we have - all year long, but especially during this special season - Jesus...the reason for our hearts' merriment!

Oh! do have yourself a MERRY, MERRY, MERRY little Christmas!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christsmas!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christsmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Beautiful Gift

Susan's package got wrapped beautifully in gold foil, with embossed Chritmas lights. The ribbons glistened on top, with a gorgeous bow I made myself in reds and gold. I love looking at it! Then, as I read in Isaiah, I saw a truly magnificent gift - Emmanual, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father. God's zeal sent Jesus as the gift we've always wanted.... though we just didn't know, till the Holy Spirit helped us unwrap it. Let's admire that package for the rest of our lives!

Christmas Fun

In 60 little minutes, Susan's little orange-crush-colored car will whip into the driveway, Christmas music blaring from inside. We'll hit Curves first, then all the fun shops on H Street. Of course, we'll go to lunch and have our annual Christmas exchange. She's gonna love what she's getting! (Can't tell you what it is till she opens it.) I have one hour to get it wrapped!

Yesterday, Lyn and I spent the day making Christmas goodies. It was oodles of fun! Fun with friends and family make the holidays brighter, don't you think?

I still haven't read my Bible this morning.... not that I have to, but it's so easy to scoot along through the days and forget all about Jesus and why we are having this month-long celebration. 60 minutes is plenty of time to spend time with the Word and get Susan's gift wrapped. TTFN

Friday, December 09, 2005

A Joyous Season! And Don't Forget It!

Okay, I've been caught again! Yesterday I woke up depressed and couldn't shake it (not that I tried to, I've realized this morning). On top of that, a multitude of chores, errands, to-do's rushed upon me like an NFL defensive lineman (those huge guys). My shoulders throbbed from the stress of it all; they haven't done that for quite awhile. Anyhoo, this morning, it hit me what a joyous season this really is, thanks to Jesus being born as a human baby, to save us all from the penalty of our sins. Well, a friend emailed last night saying she was depressed. Then it was that I awoke to the fact that the enemy-of-our-souls does not want us joyous, but depressed by the endless busyness, trials, woes, and choes (chores). I was caught again, giving in!

We are to fight the good fight, the apostle Paul tells us in 1 Timmy 1:18. My Pastor gave the best-ever meaning to that fight, but drats!, I can't find it. However, let's just think of it this way: take a punch at whatever attacks your joy in the Lord! Just put on the boxing gloves of God's Word, and go at it! (Don't even think about throwing in the white towel of defeat, appealing as your feelings may be towards mine have many a'time.)

This is a joyous season of celebration. Don't forget it, by getting caught up in the cares of this world, and neglecting to pray, sing praises (the old Christmas carols...just look at the words!), rest in God's arms and faithful promises, and thank Jesus for coming down here and rescuing us with such a great gift of love!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Merry & Blessed Christmas

Sometimes it's little things that make huge impacts in our lives. For Hugh Martin, it was one little song, written in 1943. Ralph Blane and he had created a merry jingle for Judy Garland to sing in "Meet Me In St. Louis." And fame inflamed over that one little song that is now a Christmas staple - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Little did Hugh know that years after writing that song, he would make one little decision that would forevermore grant him that merry Christmas of which he so happily sang - the decision to believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

And now, at age 90, he has rewritten the song into one that points to Jesus as the reason for the season's merriment- Have Yourself a Blessed Little Christmas. It's a sweet song in which his piano talents are displayed as well as his ability to still write lyrics that bring merriment and blessing! See, ya just never know what little thing is going to make a huge impact in your life.... and others'!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Mama Mia!

Well, shoot! Tim is moving! He's in there right now, cleaning out his room; that'll take him longer than 8 days, so guess he won't be moving next Tuesday, after all. hahhahahahaaha. He's got a new apartment, a new job, a new life.... drats! He can't wait.

But I can. He's not even coming back for Christmas. sigh sigh sigh. Some things are inevitable - and unlikable. This is one of them. I know he will have a blast in this new growth spurt, and I'm happy for that part, just sad for the change that will take him outta Bakersfield.

So, really, I guess his leaving is ushering in a new life for me, too. Give me time; I'll adjust.

There is a time for everything....

Thursday, December 01, 2005

'Tis the Season to be JOLLY! Falalalalalalala la la la

Guess how the first of December began for moi!!!!! Susannah played Santy Clause and delivered all kinds of fun! A jingly jangly bling bling for my wrist, a hot coffee for my tummy, Christmassy paper towels for my busy hands, and a funny card explaining visually how Vixen got her name, for my overall health (laughter IS good for you!). Before she arrived, i quickly dashed through the house plugging in all the Christmas lights. See, all those many days of work paid off for oooooodles of sparkling fun!! Oh, yeah, baby, 'tis the season to be jolly! faaaaaallalalalalalal la la la la la!! A merry December 1st to you! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!!