Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Fun

In 60 little minutes, Susan's little orange-crush-colored car will whip into the driveway, Christmas music blaring from inside. We'll hit Curves first, then all the fun shops on H Street. Of course, we'll go to lunch and have our annual Christmas exchange. She's gonna love what she's getting! (Can't tell you what it is till she opens it.) I have one hour to get it wrapped!

Yesterday, Lyn and I spent the day making Christmas goodies. It was oodles of fun! Fun with friends and family make the holidays brighter, don't you think?

I still haven't read my Bible this morning.... not that I have to, but it's so easy to scoot along through the days and forget all about Jesus and why we are having this month-long celebration. 60 minutes is plenty of time to spend time with the Word and get Susan's gift wrapped. TTFN

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Emily said...

What a fun, Christmasey weekend!