Monday, December 19, 2005

Counting....and Wishing I Were Down!

You know, cleaning is hard work, and don't let anyone tell you any different! It's also continuous. Now, if I worked at it more continually than I normally do, I think I would've been done by now... I'm pooped! But then I think of Mike, my hard-working, diligent man of men. Or even Jesus, who kept on doing the work His Father gave Him, till it was finished (although a woman's work is never finished; we all know that). So, onward, but a bit more slowly. Hahahahaha. Doing this little bit of complaining has helped, 'cuz now I am laughing. I mean, after all - I get to stay inside, talk on the phone while I work, listen to music as loud or low as I want, can stop when I want and take a break, can set my own hours, and get a reward every night of a job well done (ok, most nights). Now I ask you - is there anything to do but give thanks? Up and at 'em again, giving thanks while doing round 2. Asta la vista, baby! Oh, I was looking up toilet bowl stain removal and Martha had it under her HOMEKEEPING section. HOMEKEEPING.... THAT'S WHAT MOMS/WIVES DO. yay! (I can't help sharing all this today, as I am in a yakkin' kinda mood!)

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Emily said...

You'll be so glad of all your hard work when you and your family enjoy a beautiful home for the holidays! Press on, dear sister!