Monday, December 05, 2005

Mama Mia!

Well, shoot! Tim is moving! He's in there right now, cleaning out his room; that'll take him longer than 8 days, so guess he won't be moving next Tuesday, after all. hahhahahahaaha. He's got a new apartment, a new job, a new life.... drats! He can't wait.

But I can. He's not even coming back for Christmas. sigh sigh sigh. Some things are inevitable - and unlikable. This is one of them. I know he will have a blast in this new growth spurt, and I'm happy for that part, just sad for the change that will take him outta Bakersfield.

So, really, I guess his leaving is ushering in a new life for me, too. Give me time; I'll adjust.

There is a time for everything....


Emily said...

Please take good notes during this time of adjustment. My oldest is only 7 and I dread the day he moves already. You're right, it's his season and it's neat that he's moving right along, but oh, the tug on his Mama's heart!! {{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}

Jimmy Smith said...

Auntie, I promise to take care of him!!! I am sorry that he won't be home for Christmas, but I must say that I am excited that he will be spending it with us seeing that we aren't able to come down. I am sorry that this is all happening so quickly! You are right though...he won't be able to clean out his room in 8 days!! ;) I love you!!
Love Always,