Monday, December 19, 2005

The Countdown Continues

Do you know what fun I'm having? Christmas music is filling our home with joyous melodies, while I fill our home with prayers for joy for my familia, while cleaning. When Tim emptied his room before going to Oakland, he handed me a manilla envelope full of sentimental papers, including this darling book that he wrote and illustrated in second grade about his family. And what did his mom do? "My mom cleans." :) And mom still does, because for me, it's a way to love my family and make their lives a little more peaceful and refreshing. It's a selfless act of serving (cuz I'd rather be doing almost anything else). Though my family might not have ever noticed that the fruit of my labor made their lives more peaceful and comforted, I could tell it sunk deep into their beings. Anyway, I am having fun doing what moms do - clean (amongst a jillion other things).

I lighted the cinnamon-scented candle to add some fun ambiance to washing the dishes, and as the warm sudsy water created sterile plates and glasses, my hubby dear came to mind... He's not feeling well, hates driving, yet he got up very early, filled the thermos with hot coffee and took off for an overnight trip for work - and no complaints (just a few sighs). And I was longing to lay in bed and read, remember?! This is what has made cleaning fun today: doing right lifts the countenance and the heart's joy. And it's right fun that I get to be part of a team, carefully guarding the things of home, while Mike goes out and serves us, keeping us in this sweet home. And that knowledge makes me feel good... and thankful... that I have this man who serves us and that I get to serve.

Anyhoo, this is adding to the festively joyous merriment of the season, knowing this home and family are also gifts from God. Be blessed with much merriment in your serving today! xo

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