Friday, December 30, 2005


Well, guess I toook a little blogger vacation, didn't I? I was so busy doing the mundane that I had nothing interesting to write.... so, I didn't write anything. Today's no different - LOL - but I don't want to lose my faithful readers!

I went over to Lyn's today and we walked and talked for two miles. It was invigorating all the way around - mentally, spiritually, physically! If you're feeling sluggish in any of those areas, grab Hubby Dear or your close girlfriend and get your mouth and feet going. It'll perk you right up!


Natalie said...

To answer your question, yes I had a wonderful Christmas! It was so WONDERFUL to be home...we'll see about next year, but I know Jim truly enjoyed being at home. We had a blast with Tim. He may be coming over for New Years too! :) If not we might stop by his place on Monday to say hi. Jim got me a diamond & garnet bracelet. Its beautiful! thanks for letting us steal tim for Christmas this year. I promise to do my best to bring him with us if we come down next year! I missed you though! Did you like your bracelet? I saw it and it screamed "Auntie!!" :)

Emily said...

Well yay for a nice day and yay for a new blog entry!!