Monday, November 21, 2011

The Cutting Edge Ruler!!!

Do you ever feel like your brain just up and left you???!

Well, I am just positive that mine said goodbye the day after Amy's wedding, the second I woke up!

Yes, that was many months ago, so you can only imagine how it must feel!

But fiddley-ee-dee!  :) 

Life goes on, with or without a brain and I simply must plan a trek to the land of Oz, and soon!!!

So, here I am now, finally, and before I ever post about Thanksgiving, I must tell you that I won a fabulous prize back in October! Posting about it this late in no way diminishes the jubilant excitement I experienced when Pat Sloan emailed that I had won HER BRAND NEW CUTTING EDGE RULER -- any size my little heart desired to choose!!!!!!

Now, doesn't that reveal a ginormous giving heart??!!  Thank you, Pat!!!! (And to those who chose me from their blog... thank you!!! My emails got deleted and I now have no way to remember... wah!)

This ruler is like none other -- It actually sharpens your rotary blade as you cut, whirring as you go along to remind you that you have in your arsenal-of-sewing one handy, dandy, awesome tool!!!! 

You are going to want one of your very own, and lucky for you --- Santa needs a list!!!!! Just crawl upon that red-velvet lap and spill the beans! You just might be surprised to awaken on Christmas morning and finde one of your own under the sparkling-lit evergreen!!!  That would be jolly! Here is where you can send your husband, I mean, Santa!... ...  smile, smile, smile!!!

Anyhoo, glad I didn't have to wait till Christmas

Have fun preparing your heart for plenty of Thanksgiving and your home for holiday gatherings!

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