Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still Dreamin' of the FUN!

Every summer my sis and her troop rent a house right on the beach. Just climb down the stairs and your feet are oohing and ahhing under the warmth of the sand.

Every year I say I will drive over, and every year I never show up.

Till this year. 

I had so dang much fun, that the afterglow has lasts all these many weeks later.

My darling grandnephew, who calls me "Wiz" (instead of Liz) was so cute in the water. As the waves would carry me onto shore, he'd run up and say either, "You are cool" or "Are you okay?" 

So fun. So cute!

He wanted me to sleep in the bunk beds with him, so they secured him on one top bunk, and I took the other. It's just nice to be loved!!!  :)

Anyhoo, I had eyelid surgery (not for cosmetic, but if it ends up making my eyes look younger, I shall not utter one bit of complaint  :) ) yesterday, and while under the anesthesia they told me I said, "I'm at the beach!"

As you can tell, I am still happily dreaming of the complete blast I had over there. 

Next year, I'll be there!!!

Happy end of summer. Enjoy the sunshine while you can!

Time to go ice my eyes for an hour... brrrrr!


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