Friday, February 10, 2006

shallow hal?

Forget Hal! I'm pretty shallow myself, these days. I'm reeeeeeealy hoping it's menopause, but I can barely remember anything, barely eek the right words out, and am just about as shallow as an ant pool (how do people find interesting things to talk about?)! How did this happen?!

But~! Wanna know the fun of it???? Grin grin grin. I'm not easily disappointed! Nope, I just float through life enjoying the smallest of the small things. Well, not ants, though. They still bug me. Mike has told me for years that simple minds are easy to please, and thank God it is true! Every day is a party!

I might be as shallow as Hal, but I'm as happy as Cinderella, so who can find anything wrong with that? And by the way, i love comments!!!


Natalie said...

I am right there with you (minus the menopause thing...and the forgetfulness). I am easily pleased...I think its fun!! I guess it runs in the family!! :) I love you!

Emily said...

I do not think you're shallow in the slightest. LOL Maybe that means I am shallow, I don't know. I think you talk about interesting things all the time.

Natalie said...

aunt liz I have updated my page now! :)