Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Big 5-0

No, not my age.....a few more months before that scary milestone - but it's the number of blogs I've posted. Wow!

So, Happy Valentine's to all your friendys! Mike and I went to Logan's for a steak Valentine's celebration. It was good. Today he's been gone, but he'll be home way later. My Valentine today was the Lord Himself. I was supposed to walk with my sis, then hit Curves with Susan. Instead, the Lord was gently calling, so I finally cancelled my to-do's and stayed home with Him. He showed me many things I did not know, but have been asking Him about. Sweeter than a box of chocolates!

And now, it's time to wash my face and get ready to switch the channels between American Idol and the Olympics. If you were disappointed in this day of love, then look to Jesus and let God's Love overwhelm you! Ta Ta.

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