Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Huffing & Puffing

No, I'm not trying to blow down any houses; my lungs and heart are just pounding from my 7-mile bike ride. It's been a while... too long of a while! Let me just say that I have a spare tire - and it's not for my bike!!!! In fact, now that I think about it, it's not for anything! You know what just hit me? The idea that it's like a spare room, or the trunk of the car. All the extra gets thrown in those spaces. Yikes, like the excess food I've eaten over the years. Ok, so no wonder I'm huffing and puffing so much!

Earlier today (and get ready, cuz this is true confessions time) I actually strode right into the kitchen and stood there gobbling fish while making Mike and I fish tacos for lunch (I know... since I ate one standing, I only ate one at lunch...gulp...big gulp lol). And do you know why I did all that stuffing? Because I looked in the mirror, saw an oldish woman who had tons of weight to lose. Now, for a normal-thinking person, this would make you get on the treadmill. For me, it sent me to the treadmill of eating to stuff down those yukky feelings. There, a little insight into the mind of an overeater.

Ok, so later, I had to ask myself, "What is the truth, here?" Well, "Self," I said, "The truth is that this can be stopped, fixed, healed." Amen. And then I hopped on my bike. :)

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