Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Mania

I am loving watching the Olympics. I do have one gripe (of course lol) - my peepers wanna quit peeping around 10:30, and all the best stuff is on after that! Amy is going to have to teach me to record on video!!!

Anyhoo, I love the three-week mania. My only hope is that tomorrow when American Idol is on, the Olympics are showing something I don't like. But drats, I think I like it all!

Michelle Kwan's not being there has freaked my grooove, and the Tomatoe Man winning the pipe stuff was something to cheer about, even if I didnt' seen his last run. Darn these peepers of mine!


Emily said...

The olympics really are on late! Last winter olympics, Alif & I were totally addicted to it! We knew the sports, the athletes, who won what - we watched every event just about. By the end of it I thought I never wanted to see snow again. I've only watched a couple of events this time, but I will definitely tune in for the figure skating!!

Natalie said...

I know it!! Thank goodness for tivo! I love watching the olypmics! They are so much fun. I am kinda glad michelle kwan is not there anymore. SHe made me mad. She didn't deserve to go, emily hughes did. So, I am glad that it worked out that she gets to go. :)