Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Heat is ON!

Wasn't today gorgeous? Thankfulness to the Lord has been pouring from my lips all day, because that Easter egg hunt was bathed in sweet sunshine! Yay - rain did not reign! I had to set that thing up all by myself today, since no one else showed up (well, Theresa did in time for the start, and Tim the Bunny showed up half asleep and not willing to do the job right....). So, I got plenty of exercise as i carried four bags of 1,500 stuffed eggs around that huge Pin Oak Park! All that bending down to reclose opened eggs made me have one sore bootie! But, the day was perfect, the hunt was the best one ever, and it's over! Yay, oh, yay!!!

I was soo tired from all this Easter hunt madness, that I came home and napped till 4!! Thinking I was done in for the day, I slipped into pj's. But you know what? Who could waste God's provision? - Mika and I went for our two-miler tug-o-war. Another thing to be thankful for - a huge dog that needs exercise! I've walked more since I've had her than I have in five years. Maybe I won't be so huge in a few months!

Anyhoo, Easter vacation has officially been proclaimed and frolicking is in the air; a celebration of the death and resurection of Jesus, for us, yahoo!! And that's what I'm most thankful for!! :)

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Emily said...

Today WAS gorgeous! Boy, the sun makes me so much more productive. You are very sweet putting so much effort into the egg hunt. I bet the kids loved it!