Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Homebody Gone Bad.

Normally, I prefer home sweet home to just about any other place on the planet. However, here it is almost 8pm, and i just got home 20 minutes ago! Whew! a long and fun day (two in a row, go figure!) Do you want to know what I did, hmmmm??? Okay, I will keep you in suspense not one second longer --- I ran errands (ooo fun lol), worked, then got to meet Susan and Casie for lunch. yep, Casie is back in town and it was very fun yakking with her again! But that's not all I did... Oh, no! I went and bought another scooter - another brand new one, and I hope this one lasts. lol I pray big time for safety, as you might imagine. anyhoo, to me, this one looks like a motorcycle. when i said that to noah, (who sweetly went with me and brought it home for me), he laughed and laughed. :) It's got him craving one, though. then, back to work, walked with karen and randy and brandon. I got to push the stroller and having brandon laugh and be jolly with me was great auntie fun! So, another nice, long day, and I am home sweet home and needing a bath and a book...and pjs. So, sweet dreams, ya'll!

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