Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh my Garsh!

I just peeked, and March 18th was my last blog entry! Garsh - time does fly!!! I guess I've been flying around, too, doing a little of this (housework) and a little of that (writing)...and wondering what you've been up to!

Little Mika is not so little anymore. That dogger grows 15 feet a day....well, maybe that's an exageration. lol

Mike asked me what my Saturday plans were (last Sat) and I told him I was finally gonna empty out Tim's room. Well, oh happy day - he went right in there and began before I ever got up!!! Hoooray for helpful-husband day! He's a fast, non-distracted worker, so it got done lickety-split... if you call three hours lickety-split! However, alone, it would've taken me three weeks, so yay! Now all I've got to do it is pull the staples, spackle the holes, buy the paint, paint, shampoo carpet, find a bed, make the curtains, get the bedding..... and have Tim move back home. LOL - just kidding!

I can't decide exactly what I want to do with that room. A bed will go in there for sure, unless Amy moves to her friend Carolyn's. But, should i make it a sewing room? EXercise room (though it'd rarely get used, then), a quiet time room, a room to escape when I'm mad at Mike? hahahha
Well, I know that I am painting the ceiling and trim a soft white, and the walls a cape-codish Laura Ashley blue. I have a handmade quilt that we bought years ago at the MCC auction (which is this weekend at Fresno Pacific) that should be quite darling in there. But, fiddly-dee...I'll think of this later. :)

For now, I need to think of work and get myself flying around this place; I hate coming home to a messy house, don't you? It's so... so uninviting. Actually, kinda repelling. I know that some really don't mind messyness about them, but I love the peace and order and welcome I feel when I've done my inside job before my outside job (which I need to get to!). So, off to fly about my day - tootly-ooo! xOxoX


Emily said...

You've been busy! And yeah, I have been checking your lonely blog! The extra room sounds just DARLING!! I think that room could fit all of your needs - a twin bed, your stationary bike, a TV so your time on the bike flies, a place to store your quiet-time materials, a desk for sewing . . . WHAT FUN!

Natalie said...

lol! you are so cute. The way you wrote this it sounds like you are amped on caffiene. You crack me up! I think a sewing rooms sounds like a good idea!! :)