Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Summertime, Summertime....

Okay, it's not really summer yet, but it is sneaking in! Shan and I were supposed to play today, but by the time she got my message, I was already pedaling along Old River Road, enjoying every roll along that 10-mile trek. I'm surprised at myself, really, because I could've wasted the day pouting for messed up plans. But ya know, I was already in party mode, so why waste it? Bike riding is enjoyable and slows down the hurried pace of life, and that's what happened while I sat upon that bicycle built for one - I took time to sniff the fragrant blooms, sang praises, prayed, got a bit sunkissed, and well, it sure felt like summer!

And then, Lyn and I got to put the beautious touches on the surprises she is giving out in Bible study. We were going to do it tomorrow, but this worked out just perfect. Such yummy fun and fellowship! Hooray for good, honest friends! (She sure does call it like it is, which saves my fanny from getting singed from sin!)

Then, after that, like a glutton for punishment, I called Karen to walk. We took Jayme and her darling Brandon, and then my darling Amy and Mika. Now, Jayme is young and hyper. She challenged me to run, walk, run, walk - for two whole miles! Imagine what I must've looked like barreling and bouncing and jiggling down the roads. Well, nix that. It's just not a pretty sight, but it felt marvelous!!!!!! I honestly didn't know my body would still jog! Surprise! In fact, lots of surprises today, a new one around every corner! We plan our steps, but they often get washed away in the ocean's flow, leaving new ones.... like riding a bike in the summerish sunshine! Thank YOU, Jesus! xo

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Natalie said...

I hope you had fun and yes he is adorable!! I love my nephew!!