Friday, April 07, 2006

Yay, the Sun is Up!!

The sooner the sun dries out my soppy backyard grass, the better! Every time I walk out to paint the pool house (hut?), my feet just squish, squish, squish across the grass, and it makes a mess. Hurry up summer heat!!

Being out there by the pool has me very excited for summer swimming. Nothing tones better! And it's fun, to boot! Wanna come swim and loll by the pool with me?

Amy just told me this morning that she is moving out in May. All of a sudden, I will have two rooms to clean and use.... My little darling is moving across town to Carolyn's. Carolyn has two teens, and while she works out of town wishes for someone to be around. That someone will be my Amers. Room and board, a gas card, and $100 per week were a beautiful lure, and Amy bit! (But she still gets to come home and mom-sit when Mike's outta town. Good daughter!! lol)

So, the seasonal weather is not all that's changing!

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Emily said...

Wow, big change indeed! Will this be the first time you'll be an empty-nester?