Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Favorite Day of the Week

Did you know that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week? Well, now you know. Monday's hump is over, Tuesday's day is work is done, and Wednesday is free. After that, Thursday rolls around and then - thank God, it's Friday - party day!!

The house is quiet and I am going to spend this day with Jesus, listening to His Spirit for words and directions for the last two chapters of Enduring Love. I'm getting excited to see what the Lord will do with it this summer.

The Riverlakes flyer, announcing the summer studies, came in yesterday's mail, and hoooooray - got my first sign up! There are three studies on marriage, and I found it interestng that they all seem to complement one another, none the same. Neat! Something for everyone!!

Oh, did I tell you that we are officially a couple again? Yep, Amy moved into a great-paying live-in situation, helping a commuting mom keep an eye on her two teens. It's just Mike and I now, with our furry and sweet 'grandchild.' Wierd, but good, too. Life changes and doesn't miss a beat. Have a fun Wednesday! (Oh, send me a card or a letter, would you? My mailbox needs some fun!! lol)

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Natalie said...

keep your eyes out for the mail in the next week. I saw something today that was meant for YOU! its not much, but it made me think of you while I was out with a girlfriend!!