Thursday, May 18, 2006

There is Hope!

Something momumental just hit me this morning - God helps our weaknesses!!! I had been spending so much time on the computer, goofing off, basically, and had been neglecting (to ignore or disregard -check; to fail to attend to properly - check; to leave undone - gulp, check; lack of proper care - yep, check) my ministry/job at home. After reading Webster's this morning, I really can see why I had begun to call on the name of Jesus for help with this issue.

There were several ways the Lord gave help, most of them through varying situations, but the most obvious was writing this Bible study. There's just no way in the world to concentrate on this study and goof off on the computer at the same time! And, there's no way I could concentrate on this study with this house in unpeaceful dissaray.

So, with the Lord's prompting, I spend all of Monday, from early morning till late at night, getting this house in working order. What peace, I'm telling you! The fun part is that now it only takes a short amount of time first thing in the morn to whip this place in shape, and then.... my brain has been free to write. Had I not felt prompted to write this study, I'd still feel as useless as ever, wasting time at the computer. See how clever the Lord was to help me in my weakness!

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