Wednesday, January 25, 2006


There are aunts, fun-loving relatives that you love to be around. Then there are ants - those pesky varmits that you don't ever want around and can hardly get rid of! The ants might not be a strong folk (Proverbs 30:25) but they are definitely determined!

Now, Mike and I have persistently battled these six-legged minuscule bothers for 6 months, and it seems to us that they are well outliving their 45-60 lifespan! I think the grandants are telling their grandchildants that our house is heaven, because they strive so hard to be here!

But maybe the Lord is using those ants as a visual message - "Go to the ant, O sluggard, observe her ways and be wise, which having no chief, officer or ruler, prepares her food in the summer and gathers her provision in the harvest (don't these ants realize the harvest ended months ago?!). How long will you lie down, O sluggard? When will you rise from your sleep?" (Proverbs 6:6-9.)

It could be the need for more discipline in my chores that the Lord is trying to remind me of, but that word determined I used to describe our diligent guests has nailed me to the wall. Writing my book, getting involved at church, being hospitible... I am not very determined to get going in these areas. Also, though we've smashed, yelled at (LOL), and sprayed them, the ants doggedly return. Nothing is deterring them.... get the picture?

Anyhoo, I am still determined to kill off these visual aids, but perhaps I ought to learn from them first!

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Natalie said...

I hate ants too. They make me itch just looking at them. I say whip out the ant spray or call a pest control guy. Ants are amazing with the amount of weight they can lift compared to their bodies, but can I say yuck?!