Friday, January 13, 2006

In the Beginning

That's how Genesis the beginning...God.

Beginning next Sunday, I will be attending a three-hour, nine-week class (45 minutes for dinner) at Riverlakes, on the Old Testament. So, as I began reading Genesis, 'in the beginning,' made me think of our beginning... With God. In His thoughts. In His actions.

As this world turns, are we beginning to forget that we were created for Him and by Him? Those three little words made it so clear to me that He was there - and we weren't - until the beginning, not of eternity, but of God's idea to create a people to love and to love Him back.

Really let that trio of truth sink in and make a new beginning of being with God, living in love, and looking forward to the end, where we will have a new beginning in eternity!

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