Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Comparison

I'm sitting at my desk, which gives me a whole panoramic view of the goings on of the neighborhood. The ever-changing seasons bring variance to the landscape, and nothing is ever the same; but it's always delightful, as I get to watch the blooms stretch out into the sun, or at other times, watch the fall leaves say good-bye to the loving arms of the trees. Just now, I got to see a sight better than these ---- my husband, decked out in his sexy bicycling outfit.

As he pedaled across my view, I thought of how sexy, handsome, smart, and disciplined that man of mine is. Then... I thought of me. Umm, I need a little more work in some of those areas! I'm not exactly any of those four descriptions, but I am always striving to be more disciplined (man, that takes a lot of work! not exactly my forte).

Then, I thought of the one thing that matters most - salvation! I'm saved, saved, wonderfully saved, and if I'm never ever any of those other things, well, it will be okay. Belonging to Jesus and having purpose in Him, outshines everything else by comparison. Glad the Lord looks at the heart!

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