Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hurry, Spring!!!!

Sure, I know we need rain. It waters the plants, which give us shade and food and herbs and enjoyment, it keeps us supplied with water to drink. And I like all those things! Still, springtime is what I am wishing would hurry along... cheery sunny blue skies, flip-flops clickety-clacking, warmth to chase away my goosebumps. Aw, Spring... hurrrrrry!

The other day I saw that it is at least making a small appearance, teasing us that it is near....

In the meantime... I go into my sewing room, where the normal brightness from the window only lets in the gloomy gray of the winter sky, and I am cheered by the stack of DARLING fabric from my Secret Santa. You know, it is simply heartwarming to be loved, isn't it?!

My daughter fell in love with the fabric stack, too, and gave me that longing look for a quilt made using those "Amour" fabrics. So, I figured it all out and will do my best in the months to come. 

For me, though, with the fabrics not being used in Amy's quilt, I made a pillowcase. Yep, at night when I lay my head on my pillow, I can thank the Lord for secret friendships!

The pillowcase, as you can see, has hearts on it, which makes me think of February, with makes me think of Valentine's Day, which makes me think of spring, which makes me think of sunshine and fragrant blossoms, which makes me think of winter and it's gloomy days of rain, which, we need to water the plants so we have said blossoms that will soon perfume our air... in spring..... Hurry! 


Jen said...

It's starting to look like spring here too...taunting me.

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

When I looked out the window this morning and saw the misty moisty weather, and it was walking group day? I too was longing for spring. But the air dried and though it remained gray, I gave thanks that we weren't sweltering hot while walking. Trying to enjoy each season as it comes!! Still - spring will be OH SO LOVELY, won't it??