Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Very Many Frustrations!!!

This is supposed to be an encouraging blog...
The encourager is in a bad mood! 
A VERY bad mood.

Normally, I am pretty cheerful and easy going. I might get mad or depressed, but a bad mood? Not too often.

But today's the day.  yup.

After living through a day of bad mood, I'm glad it's rare. And that's all I'm going to say about that. I deleted all of the complaining I had originally let fly onto this page (be very thankful!), and will now write what I originally came in here to write...

It is this....

If you are a homemaker, do your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and nurture your fam. Make the beds, clean the house. Kiss the man goodbye. Create a haven. Use your noggin' and concoct a nice dinner for your loved ones. Pray to relish (and do) the chores inside your home. Be a HOME MAKER! Do not be like that unwise Proverbs chick who tears her home down with her very own hands - perhaps by NOT USING THOSE HANDS TO BUILD (and keep) HER HOME.  (Just a thought...)

I have worked the past two days (librarian sub for elementary schools), and because I got called in 30 minutes before I would have to hop in my car, the dishes had to patiently wait in their soiled messes, the bed's covers remained in a heap, and the napkin the dog ripped up is still sitting on the living room floor, etc. None of this is catastrophic, but.....

It's lovely to come home to an orderly, peaceful home.

But not today, because it was an unwelcoming mess. Understandable, given the circumstances, but yuk! I wanted to slam the garage door shut and find a more peaceful, clean place to hang out in. lol

So, as I was making our bed a bit ago (dang, someone had to do it), I felt what it might feel like for a husband, after a long day away from  home, to return to a mess... as I did today. It's not welcoming, inviting, peaceful, or fun. It's just discouraging. You know how it is; after a long day away, you want to return to something sweet and peaceful, that opens its arms and says, "Yay, you're back!"

Anyhoo, all these ramblings just to encourage all homemakers to love themselves by keeping a thankful heart for such a perfect job. I love homemaking, and though I like being a librarian, my heart is here.

If you only like homemaking for the free computer time, or the girlfriend time, or the TV time, or the cellie time, then pray. Truly, God's understanding is infinite. So is His power unlimited. Nothing is too difficult for Him! What He calls us to, He equips us for. Run to Him for help, then run around your house and spiff it up. (Maybe spiff yourself up, too...)   :)

The wise woman builds her house...!!!

Proverbs 14:1a

Funny, my bad mood is gone!  :)
"Hip hip hoooray," said Superman!


Farm Girl said...

I was wondering where you had been, so I was praying for you. I am glad you shared your bad mood. One of the things I am so thankful for is to have the joy of being a worker at home. I liked that part about coming home to " something sweet and peaceful, because tonight I was not!!! Thanks for the reminder.
Glad you wrote anyway!!! You encouraged me.

Sandra said...

Yep, I'll take heed of this.
I came home from work today to find the mess of the day. Small boys didn't like their mummy bossing them about to tidy up their things.
But how does it feel for my hubby when he comes home and I've let things slide?
Glad to hear you've cheered yourself up! Hugs.

Mummy McTavish said...

You encouraged me! I just didn't know where to start with my crazy messy house today but after reading your post (while feeding a sleeping baby - it's multitasking that I don't mind) I just got in and got started. I figured it didn't matter where I started as long as I actually started!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Whoo-Hoo! You go, girl! Love this kick in the butt, and love how you kindly, yet firmly did it. Homemaking is a career, not a pastime - and how quickly I tend to forget that!

Thanks again!