Monday, January 18, 2010

A Beautiful Mess

After writing this post, I realized I did the whole thing wrong for what Thomas Nelson wanted. So, here is my review on this book about the country group Diamond Rio...

Most everyone loves a secret, unless you are the one that has to carefully conceal it.  Beautiful Mess begins with a secret. Just what happened to Marty, the lead singer and front man? Why did the group keep it carefully hidden from the public and other musicians for years? You'll have to read this book to find out!

Each member of Diamond Rio is king of his own chapter, giving all the luscious details that your inquiring mind could possibly crave (for me, a bit too many, and it did have a feel of dragging on, sometimes). Just like our own lives, there are failures, victories, weddings, and break ups. You'll get to know each member of the band personally, and discover the road that led him to becoming a member of this popular group, as he welcomes you into his home and life!

From the days of calling themselves the Tennessee River Boys, to winning the coveted Vocal Group of the Year as Diamond Rio (many times), this book takes you backstage through the years and gives you a ride on the tour bus into the present!

God can take any mess we make or experience and turn it into something beautiful - and that's no secret!



Aimee said...

I love Diamond Rio! I had no idea there was a book out about them. Thanks for the review!

Boy Mom said...

I could use a good read about someone else and their issues, I'm a little depressed with my own at present. I'll have to check it out.