Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Okay, Secret-Surprise-Giver.....  End my death of curiosity and revive me with revealing who you are!!!  :)  After yesterday's post, I got an email that Jolly Jabber DID NOT send that surprise to me, but that some Secret Santa must've. Hmmmmm..... Who do I know that is THAT RICH to send such a lavish gift? My brain hurts trying to figure it out. LOL!  So.... Whoever you are that has blessed my life -- THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP OF MY HEART AND HEAD!!!!  :)   XOXOXO


Pokey said...

It wasn't me, but I sure think that was a great blessing gift to you!
Congrats from one of the Santa winners, yes, I'm blessed, too!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

It wasn't me, but I just knew someone had Secret Santa'ed you, because it was exactly what was on your wish list! How cool is that?