Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Dearest Santa...

How I've missed you and Clausette (hug the Dear for me, please, and tell her I faithfully wear the red velvet apron she made me; the glistening snow balls dangling from the hem are a kick)!

No need for sugarplums to dance in my head when I have magical memories of my last visit. Ahhhh...the snow, the chorus of elves singing all my Christmas favorites, the village that always twinkles like a night packed with stars... I'll have you send your sleigh again, soon; I promise.

I still thrive on baking batches and batches of cinnamon rolls for you all; it makes me laugh remembering how the stacks of them tottered as you whisked up the chimney!!!

Awakening on Christmas morning is still as fun as ever! You always know what I want! OK, that was a joke, since I send you a letter every year with my list! Christmas humor, you know!!!   HO HO HO!

Anyhoo, Santa Dear, you know how much practice I need quilting (yes, still having a bit of trouble cutting off points). That means... PLEASE SEND ME FABRICS! Since this letter is very, very late, I have some elves who can help this year, over at I am going to go hightech on you now, so don't roll over (it's painful watching you try to get up, ya know), just order from them and they'll ship them to you, so that you can drop them by on Christmas Eve when you pick up the hot, gooey cinnamon rolls....

MY LIST:  :)

1.  Oh, you know it's not for me, Jolly One! I have all those five young pregnant (one with twins) girlfriends, remember?!

2.  This one's for me! You know my weakness for dots and anything Moda and Fig Tree Quilts (that reminds me; I need to visit her blog. It's been too long!)

3.  Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more????!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, there's my list! Sorry it's late; do what you can!  :)

See ya next week! (Yes, I think I will take you up on a short whisk around the city. I have a new jacket and scarf I would like to try out. It's such fun watching the ends of the scarf blow in the wind!)

Thanks, Santa!

Liz  (P.S. Bloggerinas.... to join in the fun of Fatquarters' "Dear Santa", go here, to the Jollyjabber.

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