Thursday, December 10, 2009

Julia and a New Christmas Memory?

Okay, you know my fettish with Julia Child.

Ever since the Julie & Julia movie came out this past summer, I have thought...and thought...and thought! of making Boeuf Bourguignon.

Well, guess what?

I am finally going to make it!

Since I pre-ordered the Julie & Julia DVD, it should be freezing its little plastic wrapper off on my porch (UPS leaves it there, saving me a trip to their headquarters), awaiting my homecoming and its soon-to-be warmth from our DVD player on Friday, December 12th, when I will serve this hot concoction and be enthralled by the delights of the movie, once more.

It's going to be a bit tricky, because I have to make the recipe a whole week ahead of time, and then freeze it and reheat it. My hope is that it will not lose one tiny delightful burst of flavor... but we'll just have to see about that. Some things simply cannot be helped, and making this dish all nice and fresh for next Friday night's dinner is one of them.

So, in the meantime, while I'm waiting for Superman to fly back to me, I am getting mentally prepared.

  1. Looking up info on folks who have attempted this dish....Julie Powell, in her original blog post (oh!!! I just noticed that she made it on December 11! I am not that far off!), Jess over at KnopfDoubleday, and even a supposedly easier, real-live FRENCH version that the New York Times turned me onto by Ginette Mathiot.  According to Ginette, "You could make Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon once in your life and learn a lot, but sometimes having that much detail can be intimidating." She believes her recipe better reflects "daily reality." I suppose she is right, given our ultra-packed schedules, but... I must make Julia's recipe once! And, quoting from the movie Princess Bride, "It's the only way I can be satisfied!"  :)
  2. Looked up Mastering the Art of French Cooking to discover which public library shelf I can go pluck it off of tomorrow. You'd think I'd break down and buy my own copy; however, it's Christmas and there are too many gifts to buy for too many others. So, thank the Lord for free libraires! Hoooray!
So, you just know I am going to take pictures and blog about my excursion through Julia's past, through her cookbook. I'm really getting kind of giddy... though very nervous. It might be a "simple stew" but the process seems a bit daunting. When I accomplish this tasty dish, it will be like finishing a marathon!

And, who knows? This might be the newest Christmas tradition, of making Boeuf Bourguignon, having friends over to eat it and watch Julia & Julia, white lights twinkling and all!

Hey, have you made it?????? If so, tell me all about it. Was it worth the time? Did you like it? Was it fun to make? Etc.

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Lift Up Your Hearts said...

I hope you have a ball and it turns out wonderfully - I know it will!