Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Hams!

Christmas is for hams!
And I'm talking the kind for ovens and also the kind that stands up on two legs and think they are hysterically funny -- as in every member of my side of the family. 
We got it from my dad, Barney. 
Though he is not Irish, HE IS FULL OF BLARNEY!!!!
We kids took after him.
So, our Christmas Eve gathering, where we serve ham made by hams, is full of plenty-o-laughter!
Anyhoo, whether I serve ham on Thanksgiving or Christmas or both - everyone wants my recipe!
Here it is, straight from an old Christmas issue of Bon Apetit!
Are you a ham, too????
(p.s.... i did not like the buttermilk spoon bread.)

Merry Christmas !!!

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