Monday, December 14, 2009

Liz, Julia, & Company!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

oH, MY bloGGERinaS!!!!!!!!


Julia and I have been in the kitchen for hours. HOURS!

And there's no other place I'd rather be!

(Alice in Wonderland can't come to theaters soon enough,
because I have been grinning all morning long over my merry doings!)

Anyhoo, I am on my third Christmas CD,
and am just now frying up the beef for Julia's
Boeuf Bourguignon .
Yep, I said it -- FRYING!

(my mom would be proud; that's all they did in her day)

Anyhoo, this is gonna be a long post,
so hurry and make yourself a hot cuppa peppermint hot chocolate!!!

I now have four minutes before i must stir the beef...
(For me, the wine must be 2006 Côtes du Rhône, made in France, which I bought at Vons. The burgandy is rare these days, I guess, and the Beoujolais is yukky!)

 While surfing the net the other day, I decided to
"le Creuset"

lololololollllloollll hoohohohohohohohHOHO

i DISCOVERED THAT williams sonoma had a special on
one piece...

the one I could afford (thanks to Christmas gift money; early).

I've just created a MASTERPIECE, and it's not even finished yet!!! (OH! DO MAKE this BOEFFM
My eyes are closed (or were, lol) ,
I'm praising God,
and my creation is in the oven. mmmmm

I know I am not going in order, but,see, I am writing as I go and have gone. lol. OH! See how happily crazy I have become? I'm not even making sense.:) And I don't care, because I am having
so much fun!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you were here with me  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, but you are, reading, here with me!!!!

Thank you!!!!!
Let's get to the beginning, shall we?

Okay, this morning I got up and got busy sewing. I have sewwwww many projects to prepare for our trip,
where I will sew them and be merry.
Anyhoo, remember that I told you yesterday that Superman and I have one of our BFF couples over every Christmas.
I cook, I decorate, I love it....
But this year, Superman is flying us up, up and away.
That meant I needed to hurriedly set the table before we're off...
Perhaps not as cute as some Christmas' past,
but fine, oh, fine!
(the dishes were my mom's)

Julia... &... Liz....

Not having her Volumes 1 & 2,
Knopf offered me their copies of Julia's pages...
And thus I begin.

Her recipe is all over Google, so I won't repeat,
but here is my story with Julia....

Turn on the Christmas music and begin.
Quarter those mushrooms and make them happy in butter and oil.

Then, tackle the peeled pearl onions (I am not giving the recipe, since Knopf graciously did.)

Now, get your fresh herbs all tied together, because they are gonna bake with your pearls!

Plop them in your dish and cook them for the amount of time Julia instructs.

After browning the beef how Mrs. Child tells you (and it does take some time. For me, I learned that it needs more oil added as time goes by. Also, I decided to put a clean paper towel on the bottom, so that the beef's uncooked juices would be absorbed into the paper towels).
{I made my onions and mushrooms first, having only one Le Creuset dish; darn that!)

This is what my beef looked like browning (I made 2/3 of her recipe, not needing a full recipe)...
{Be sure to take your paper towels and dry the beef right before putting in each
2-inch cube; I did it all at once, then had to do it again before placing the beef in the
Le Creuset (love it, love it, love it) dish!}

Add the browned veggies...

Stir in the flour and freshly ground pepper...

Next, cover with wine and beef stock (mine did not poof up in steam as in the movie...wah!) and place it in the oven....and continue to follow her directions.

And then...

Have a holly jolly day as you go about your Christmas bustling and praising,
being carried away on the fragrant Boeff aroma,
to times past with Julia...
in her kitchen...
and now yours!!!
I am sooooo clapping with  joy!
I DID IT!!!!
(and rats, forgot to take a picture of the finished product, as i was bustling my bootie to get out to a cookie exchange party!)

Anyhoo, Merry Christmas and Bon Appetit!!!

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