Monday, December 21, 2009

My Apple Pie

Apple pie is not only American, it's Christmastime to our family. Superman adores it. My daughter called just a bit ago for my recipe, and I just turned an old devotional page into a jpg for her...and you!  :) Merry Christmas baking!



Sandra said...

You are a good Mum.

Amy said...

Yes she is! She is an AMAZING mom actually. :) I am quite the lucky daughter. Although, I should note, if you are going to use that jpg for baking, you should note the couple changes: You put the lemon on the apples after sliced but before you mix them with the cinnamon mix and you should add just a bit of salt.

Thanks again mom! I haven't heard how it tasted...but it smelled terrific. :D

John and Sandi said...

This is a great cookbook, The pie looks great and I love the scripture to the side! This is Sandi whom you had Christmas tea with Shannon... Hi! I am enjoying your blog, God Bless you.