Saturday, August 01, 2009

Never Too Old For Fun!!!

Yesterday was my BFF's birthday, and we know how to have fun!

Using lots (but not all, by any means) of my birthday decorating bounty (I collect them and keep them over the years. Some are given to me, others I fall in love with and purchase), I set this up so that her greeting would be one that would make any birthday girl clap with glee!

The darling tablecloth is by Moda, who makes one of my very favorite quilting fabrics (and it comes with its own coordinating fabric pouch, complete with jumbo hot pink ric-rak!). They also make birthday cards with cuter than cute hankys in them! Oh, and look at this!!! I don't own one yet, but might have to save up for one, for someday when I'm a grandma....

So, after she ooood & ahhhhd, we sat down for this super delish copycat Asian salad.

And then...
we took the party outside by the pool, where our Scrabble contest and pool rafts awaited! My friend and I have made up our very own Scrabble rules, and we have played this way for so many years, that we are absolutely shocked when playing with the real rules, which we only are forced to do when playing with others. Needless to say, we do not like playing with others!

Of course, after I barely beat her in Scrabble (no, no birthday mercies!!! I love to win!), we had the creme de la creme - the BIRTHDAY CAKE!

I made my favorite three-layer carrot cake. To me, this is a birthday cake because when my mom was alive, she made this for me every single birthday! And yesterday, I made it for my BFF! I actually kinda dropped it, so though it wasn't beautiful, the flavor was perfect! And, since it is CARROT cake, we can eat plenty of it - because it's good for our eyes!!!!!

The birthday cake carrier is the best container - cute & functional! It's made by Department 56, if you wanna try and find one of your very own.

So, as you can see, though we are getting closer to the age when Obama's healthcare plan will be offering us mandatory counseling for ways to end our lives sooner, rather than medical treatments to keep us active longer
we are never too old for fun!!!


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Hooray for Birthday fun! You are a sweet friend to put on such a beautiful party for your bff!

Wife of Rob said...

I love your carrot cake philosophy! Preach it sister! So glad you found my blog and even more glad that you're joining us for the new "Bee My Guest" series!

"Wife of Rob"

Lora said...

What a sweet friend you are - your celebration looks lovely and yummy!