Sunday, August 02, 2009

Breakfast For Moi!

Good morning!

Yesterday, I ate so much carrot cake that my mind was wasted in a sugary stupor. My eye sight was great, but my motivation missing. So, instead of sewing, as I had looked forward to, I sat down at this computer and read a ton of inspiring blogs.

On one of them was my favorite breakfast - Eggs Benedict! This morning I tried it, and it was very good. However, I am bummed that mine did not look as elegant as hers did. If you want to see her beautiful EB, then go here...

Having never made Hollandaise sauce before, the first batch kind of turned into scrambled eggs. So, hereby take notice: Stay by the pot and stir like crazy!

Enjoy your Sunday morning breakfast!


Mummy McTavish said...

I do like eggs benedict... mmmmmm.

I also like most things made from scratch but my best tip for hollandaise sauce... buy the packet mix and make it in the microwave. I can never get it right when I make it from scratch so for this one I happily "just add water".

an encourager said...

Hoooray!!! Thank you for that tip! Is there a certain brand you use? Not only will this save time and make Hollandaise sauce easier, it will eliminate the awful decision of doing something with the egg whites or...gulp... tossing them.
I feel better already!!! :)

Mummy McTavish said...

I used Continental last night (for our corned beef and veg YUMMY), but I have also used McCormacks and Gravox brands. Not sure if you have any of those there. I pick up whatever is on special, BOGOF, whatever. I just don't use the store brand ones, the few I've tried haven't worked so I gave up on them. You'll have to have eggs benedict again this sunday to try it out :)

Lora said...

Your picture looks delicious!