Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Chili Rellanos - Ole!

Sometimes as I wander along the aisles of the Internet (I love my cookbooks, but can't pass up a great recipe, no matter where it finds me), I come across ingredients that I just know my husband would like. The main one is green chilies. In quiches, quesadilla, and rellanos! Do you like any of those? This recipe was easy and yum!

1. Wash the fresh chilies and rub some olive oil over them. I didn't do this, because
I forgot, but if you are in love with fresh garlic, then toss some cloves and
olive oil onto some foil, with skin is fine, seal this up, and place them on
grill/oven to bake. Yum! (I won't forget next time, and that's for sure! Wanna
know why? Because I will pull the recipe of my blog! See? Smarter than a 5th
2. Place them on a baking sheet or place straight on the grill.
3. Bake them in your BBQ or oven, till they are soft and look similar to these...

4. In the picture above, you can see the glistening skin, that clear, almost thin-
plasticky outer layer - pull that off (and if you used garlic, no skin left there,
either..ahem; hope that one didn't being said. You never know, though, with all
the things we women got going on!). It should come off fairly easy. style="font-weight:bold;">Do this after the chilies cool, of course. (I
learned the hard way that this should come off, and my husband and I had to do
this process as we ate. Ah, the adventures of pretending to be a chef!)

5. Now, how many chilies you'll need depends on the size of your chilies (mine were large) and the size and depth of your casserole dish (mine was small, so I only had two layers of chilies and cheese). Layer your PEELED, cooked chilies in a casserole dish. Like this:

...adding as much, or little, cheese (any flavor you love) as you want. We happen to be in love with all cheese, so PLENTY is our favorite word when involving this weapon of flavor...

6. After layering chilies, cheese, (garlic), chilies, cheese,(garlic), you have graduated to the swirling of liquids and other things, such as:

*4 eggs
*1/4 cup flour
*1 1/2 cups milk
*1/2 tsp salt
*dash of Tobasco sauce

7. When it's all smooth as silk, pour over the peppers, cheese, (garlic), just as you would a quiche.

Now, for some unknown reason, I did not take AFTER PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!
Why, it's preposterous! This is like forgetting the punchline to a really great joke! Ay carumba!

So, if you make this, please take an AFTER PICTURE and I will add it to my blog. Send it jpg to encouragingforyou@gmail.com.

Thanks! The End.

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