Friday, August 07, 2009

Aaaannnnddd... the Winner Is.....



Thank you for sharing your stories with me; it made me want to have a contest every week, because the stories were encouraging and uplifting and filled my heart with praise. It was just good, sweet fellowship, giving the Lord praise for His wild love for us!
I loved it!

Thank you!

And so.... I have decided to order books for all of you!

I know this makes it not a contest at all, but I can't help myself! This way, I am supporting my friend Debbie, who wrote it, which will make her heart happy (well, really, she just cares about getting women going and growing in the Lord) and also I am hoping you will send me lots of thoughts and gleanings as you read through it (and besides all that, we all need cheering in this rusted economy)!!! That will be fun!

Anyhoo, I am ordering the books today, they will be here by Tuesday, and then I will get them onto the mail truck. If you know I don't have your snail mail address, then send it to me at:

Thanks, everyone!!!


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Natalie said...

awww thanks!! That is really awesome Auntie!! :) Ty! Ty! :)

Wife of Rob said...

OH MY!!!!!

It's like Christmas in August! Thank you SOOOOO much! That is the most precious gesture! I will email my address to you. Thank you again!


ps...I have really enjoyed reading your blog....glad we connected through the blogosphere!!

an encourager said...

I love it!!!! You know how receivers of gifts will often say, "Oh, you shouldn't have" or something similar? Well, it makes me wish I didn't. It just sucks the glee right out of the gift giving! And you... you just chimed right into the spirit of the fun!! Hooooooray for all of us!!!