Saturday, August 08, 2009

Laughter is Good Medicine!

Go see this movie! It's funny, delightful, happy, and sweet - with the sugar coating all melted off and only the decadent chocolate remaining.

So caught up in this happy movie was I, that right after the movie I marched into our local library, headed straight to the reference desk, and had him look up every Julia Child book there ever was. There's lots! And that's the beauty of the public library - I will get to enjoy all these books for free! Ok, and the downside is that many other Julia-movie fans did the same thing, so I will have to wait. But... it will be fun anticipating (I've heard it's good for the skin!!! Can you believe it?). And also, I went over here ( ) and whet my appetite for what is coming. So far, the peek that Amazon is granting me to read is totally delightful, and I'm excited for the library to call me and tell me it's my turn to get the book!

Have fun!

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