Monday, August 10, 2009

Buffalo Bill Cody

Books are my close companions. They whisk me away on wild rides, they fan the flames of creativity, they teach me, they take me far beyond the walls of my existence (like a time traveler; right now I'm back in 1854), and very often they make me clap my hands, release a contented sigh, or ditch my day's chores.

Like this morning.

I just had to find out what happened next!

While my husband was pittering around, getting himself ready for work, I darted from one room to the next, tidying things up, getting a head start on chores, because I had a plan -- read the last few pages of One Sky Above Us and find out what happened to Pa!

As a substitute elementary school librarian, I read stacks of children's books. For history, for me, none are better. This series of four, The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill by E. Cody Kimmel (a distant descendant of his) is captivating. Her books remind me of Laura Ingalls' books!

The second my husband's truck turned the corner (our ritual is to wave good-bye), I ran into the house, poured myself some hot black coffee (no time for frou-frou creamers and such), clutched the book to my chest, and settled onto the couch, escaping into the wild with young Buffalo Bill.

Did you know that the Civil War was really brewed up in the new Kansas Territory, and that they called it "Bleeding Kansas" because of all the killings the proslavers did? These books teach history in such an adventurous way. The author knows how to draw you in and teach you so many different things about life and loyalty back then, all while you are being entertained. Which is why I like it...and why kids like it; it's not like sitting down and reading a stale timeline of history. As I read, I keep thinking how great this would be for homeschooled children! The historical facts would not only stick with them, but just might make them thirst for more!

Anyhoo, gotta get off this computer and do some work, so that I can hurry and immerse myself in Book Three!

Happy reading!


Aimee said...

These sound great! I'm always on the lookout for books for my kids to read. So far I only have two kids that are old enough to read, but they both love it and that makes me very happy. My husband never was much of a reader as a kid or an adult, but he will sit down and listen if I read to him. Last night we stayed up till 12:30 finishing a Louis L'Amour book. It's always time we enjoy together. Maybe he would like these Buffalo Bill books too! Thank you!

Mummy McTavish said...

I love kids books but not this sort particularly. Still, they sound like they will get kids reading and that's the most important thing!