Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too Much LOVE???? NEVER ever EVER - EVeR! :)

Okay, maybe that's over the top. I suppose you would have TOO much love if someone was stalking you or literally had drool making a snail trail down his chin as he followed you around like a cape, or if he made comments on your blog that took 2 hours to read. Things like THAT. Maybe then that would be too much love. But apart from that, I am of the firm belief there can never be too much L-O-V-E - EVeR!

It's the oil that makes the world spin 'round, nice and smooth, like a well-greased bearing, don't ya know (yes! I speak Canadian... It's the Olympics!)!

So, it will come as no surprise to you that I am NOT finished talking about Valentine's Day things! 

Grab one of your 8 cups of water (per day, don't ya...well, you know), and just sit back and relax while I tell you all about my ideas to keep the love going, round and round, surrounding your own Super men, kids, friends, family, and those few lucky acquaintances....  :)

Let's begin....

Love from Superman! 
Yesterday, I told you that these favorites of mine were what I asked for from him for Valentine's. 
Sweetly, he got an old vase that used to be my mom's, filled it up with water, then Narcissus, 
and placed them on the table next to the couch, so I could see them, smell them, grab the 
love emanating from them, and sigh with contentment. 

(Yes, simple minds ARE so thankfully easy to please! 
Keeps one happiest, don't ya know!)

So... what is growing in YOUR yard (or a close neighbor, who loves you and lets you pick her stuff)???
You could sooooo easily think about one person, tromp outside with clippers, snip a bud or some beautiful greenery, tromp back into the house, grab a colorful ribbon, tie it around the stems,and
!!! iT wILL mAKE tHEIR dAY  !!!

The mailman, that MOST IMPORTANT WORKER IN AMERICA, brought me all kinds of treats.
Two came yesterday!!! Valentine's Day Post (a day after Valentine's).
One had a candy and the other had .... drum roll... my fav.... a Starbuck's card!!!
I savored the candy; I sipped the Mocha; I felt as happy as Jack Horner!!!

Anyhoo, God gave us mouths and tongues and brains and hands and dictionaries and mommies and schools so that we could learn to speak and write and 
But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today...
 so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.
Hebrews 3:13
(And do not tell me you are not a writer! Do you have a stamp? A piece of paper? A heart? Some nice thoughts about someone? Just jot it down, real simple-like, seal it up, put it in the mailbox.)
Go ahead - make someone's day! 
To be continued... (don't you hate that?)
Stay tuned tomorrow for PART TWO!!!

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