Saturday, February 06, 2010

Hat, With No Cat!

This little hat, 
For a tiny girly head,
Is better than a cat, 
That, like mine, is dead. (Okay, sick rhyme, but I've been missing my gato, who drowned a year ago this month. I had her for nine years.... too bad she didn't have nine lines...darn it!!! And, I must say that Superman, who does not miss her {she followed me around, not him} is not crying at all...)

My best friend of 24 years (thank You, Lord!) has a daughter, 
Who is having twins, 
Which I am very excited about!
And I bought her ('bought her' is supposed to rhyme with 'daughter' {work with me now},
but made Cecelia (Baby A, who has a hole in her heart and will have to have surgery soon after birth.. join me in praying for her, wanna {let me know}????)
This head for her head, 
I'm glad Mighty God, 
Is ahead, 
Of her...
And knows the plans He has for her!!!!

So, Dr. Suess I am not, but the sweet shower was such fun...
And now my post is done.

P.S. Her mom, one of my BFFs (remember, I am totally blessed with two), made the other twin a coordinating hat (we took the class together).

The End.

Leave me a comment; they make me feel loved!!!  :)


Sandra said...

Lovely hat! Praying for the wee babe that her surgery and recovery will go well.

Pokey said...

Sweet poetry, Ms. Suess. Really cute hat, and I'll be praying for baby A.

Natalie said...

I am praying for her. Grandma Lane told me about the baby's heart. The hat is adorable! You are so creative, Auntie! I love it!!

joeysgirl said...

I was getting worried until you corrected yourself stating that indeed you do have two BFFs (haha)! The had is adorable, why don't you start an at home business? I would buy one of each article you make!

Celina & Adam said...

Ohhhh my gosh I love the hat!!! Great Job! You never seize to amaze me with your talent!The rhyming... so so. lol :)

Jen said...

That is a dangerously cute hat! love it!